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Conformal coating line from one-stop ensures hassle-free implementation
For protection of electronics

Despite the growing challenges it is facing, conformal coating is becoming more and more important. As printed circuit boards become smaller and smaller, the...

Eliminating defects in PoP assembly using advanced chemistry
The magic of flux formulation

In this article we share the solution for the elimination of head-in-pillow (HIP) defects in the package-on-package (PoP) assembly process by engineering...

Reliable manual soldering of solar-cell interconnections
Minimizing the micro-cracks

Solar cell substrates are delicate. The manual soldering process applies stress to the material which can cause micro-cracks to form. Here, we identify the...

Increasing the process window of selective soldering process
Solid solutions for stable results

A number of trends in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly demand a wider process window in selective soldering. We have the “traditional” technology...

Paste-in-hole printing with an enclosed media head solution
Reliable filling of the barrels

Paste-in-hole (PIH) printing, a.k.a. through-hole printing, pin-in-paste, intrusive reflow, etc., has always been a way to accommodate traditional through-hole...

Flexible concepts for selective soldering in electronics manufacturing
Ready for the island of economy

For quite a few years now, a reorientation in the manufacture of electronics assemblies can be observed. Classical production lines are more and more being...

Development of a successful and innovative product
Don’t skimp on your PRD

The path from product idea to saleable product is wrought with turnings, forks and often dead-ends. But a New Product Development Process (NPDP) utilizing the...

Industry 4.0 in focus to boost competitivity and market position
Tablet monitors production line

In an attempt to fulfill the increasing demands of the market, the German government have initiated the future project called „Industry 4.0“. The aim of...

With a view on stencil printing and the challenges
Big ideas on miniaturisation

Consumer appetite for smaller communication devices with increased functionality is growing fast. Although manufacturers can deliver increasingly miniaturised...

New UV-curing optical materials and adhesives for microoptics production
The key to miniaturization

Nowadays, consumer electronics cannot be imagined without miniaturization anymore. The devices’ variety of functions is ever-increasing, while production...

Newest dispense technology

GPD Global, a manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems for high-volume 24/7, low-volume/high-mix and R&D production, will exhibit at the...

Quality control of PCBs with THT placement
There’s life in the old dog yet

In every respect, flexibility plays a critical role for electronic manufacturers and their system suppliers. It results in decisive competitive advantages as...

Automated optical inspection in SMT board assembly technology
What is really inside your AOI?

Installed for the first time 20+ years ago, automated optical inspection has become an essential part of our SMT environment. In this article we explain the...

Automated optical inspection in SMT board assembly technology
3D AOI – when inspection becomes measurement

Lots of people are talking about 3D inspection or 3D AOI, and tossing the term around loosely, but in fact many different people have somewhat different...

The importance of comprehensive functional test
Covering the requested test levels

Electronic technologies are increasingly going towards a strong integration of capabilities within the same devices. This makes it increasingly difficult to...

LXI for collider signal monitoring at CERN
Simply using test

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, has come to the forefront of public attention recently with...

Innovation all along the line

Responding to increasing demands for high-end, flexible and integrated solutions Yamaha Motor IM will debut new trusted solutions at Productronica 2013: 3D AOI...

AOI module with 3D technology

Established in 1984, Viscom has been developing innovative solutions for optical and X-ray inspection for almost 30 years. Working closely with customers...

More products, more documentation: Keep an eye on RoHS II
New challenges

The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) legislation covers hazardous substances used in electrical & electronics equipment. Its purpose is very...

Workflow solutions increase production efficiency
The right solution for each job

Electronics manufacture is a process that is based on the separation of labor. There are production planners, line managers, machine operators, production...

Mark Stansfield, founder of Solderstar, talked about the company and it’s target
Focussed products

Solderstar was founded by Mark Stansfield and Patrick McWiggin in July 2002, Mark a Software Engineer and Patrick an Electronics Design Engineer. The...

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