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Interview with Jürg Schüpbach, CEO, Juki Automation Systems Europe
More than SMT placement!

In order to meet the customer’s future demands, pick and place machine suppliers know that they must offer more than just quality assembly machines...

Comments & Editorials
Dear readers,

Can you remember when business addresses used to include telex numbers? And computer screens produced, in the main, nothing but small green characters? Yes...

Protection against corrosion

To answer the question, how good or bad is the protection against corrosion with drying cabinets compared with nitrogen cabinets, the following facts have to...

Advance package rework solutions

OK International, a leading global supplier of soldering tools and equipment for production assembly, will unveil the new Metcal Scorpion Rework System at the...

Not just for test, but for programming and debugging too
The attraction of boundary scan

Since its release in 1990, the IEEE JTAG standard has driven the development of many easy to use and highly automated tools for boundary scan testing.These...

LED failure modes and methods for analysis
Providing the requirements

LED’s open the way to new applications and markets in various different fields with a broad spectrum of requirements. Beneath other benefitial...

Reed relays – the smart solution for switching applications
Magnetic interaction and temperature effects

Pickering Electronics was formed in January 1968, with the aim to design and manu- facture high quality reed relays, intended principally for use in...

Parallel wafer processing

Pac Tech – Packaging Technologies GmbH announces that it has sold their latest PacLine 300 A50 system for electroless deposition of Ni, Pd and Au on advanced...

The Benefit of IPC Standards in the production chain, Part 3
Zero defects from the start

Quality and reliability are two important concepts when producing high-tech electronics for the automotive industry, especially when the electronic controls...

Increase reliability and efficiency with fine pitch applications
Rework in all dimensions

Finetech customers around the world have successfully reworked QFN components with the Direct Component Printing(DCP) module. Their feedback and suggestions...

Transforming quality and production information infrastructure by software
Meet the process improvement goals

Enercon, a Maine-based contract manufacturer, recognized that a single-source, realtime paperless documentation system would significantly improve their...

State-of-the-art setup and fast NPI processes
Manufacture for design

Many of today’s most advanced mobile devices – from smartphones to tablets to popular consumer electronics – feature embedded Qualcomm technology. One of...

The assembly of semiconductor and SMT as one production unit
The merge is on

When the paths of two industries cross, the market will drastically change, new rules will apply and established settings no longer exist. This happens right...

Abstract from the first part of „Fundamentals in Reflow Soldering”
The black-pad-effect

Corrosion of electroless nickel/immersion gold plated surfaces is known as the black pad effect. This designation can be traced back to the appearance of this...

Integrated SMD production reduces manufacturing costs
Intelligent automation enables flexibility

Until recently, automation and flexibility have been seen as two incompatible goals in electronics manufacturing. But today, due to intelligent production...

There’s life in the old dog yet:
Quality control of PCBs with THT placement

In every respect, flexibility plays a critical role for electronic manufacturers and their system suppliers. It results in decisive competitive advantages as...

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