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Ersa strengthens its sales force

Two experienced sales engineers have joined Ersa GmbH in Wertheim, Europe’s largest supplier of soldering equipment: Michael Koch and Tobias van Rossem have...

Interview with Jaime Benet, President & CEO of JBC Tools, Inc.
Power of experience

More than 80 years experience has placed JBC at the technological forefront of tools for soldering and rework operations in electronics. Innovation, efficiency...

Metallization Firing System

BTU International introduces the Tritan HV90 metallization firing system for silicon photovoltaics. The dual-lane metallization firing system features...

Productronica 2011: Optimizing NPI processes in electronics production
Introducing new products quickly and without errors

The number of new product introductions is on the rise in high-mix electronics plants. While customers want introductions that are quick and trouble-free with...

Newly optimized drying process for moisture sensitive devices
Dynamically fittable

Newly developed high performance desiccant drying units for the first time make it possible to dynamically adjust the necessary desiccant regeneration process...

Crimp quality standards comparison and trends
Different specifications

Quality standards are getting tougher. Our customers are expecting more and we are even expecting more from our own companies. In these times, wire harness...

Improved scheduling reduces manufacturing costs
The optimum process

Jay Gorajia, Worldwide Support Manager, Valor Division of Mentor Graphics Corp.

Latest developments in VOC-free conformal coatings
Tests reffered to standards

Manufactured and cleaned printed circuit boards will perform electrically, but performance will quickly deteriorate due to adsorption of atmospheric moisture...

How important is a Pick & Place platform for prototyping up to mid volume?
Modular platform

Choosing a Pick & Place machine in a small to medium environment is, in most cases, a long term investment. This means that besides the required...

Modern water-based cleaning of high frequency PCBA’s
Providing excellent results

One of the leading Electronics Manufacturing Service providers in the UK and Ireland replaced an outdated surfactant cleaning application with a modern, fully...

Lower maintenance costs for solar dryers and firing systems
Thermal oxidation

The article describes the use of thermal oxidation for reducing emissions from solar dryers and firing systems in the metallisation of crystalline solar cells...

System tuning for approved wafer sorting system
More power under the hood

The ever-changing tasks from the wide and differentiated range of applications found in the field of semiconductor industries demand customized basic raw...

Efficient way to aid identification of problems
Matrix maintenance in PXI

Switching systems, and in particular matrices are a key part of many tests systems, they allow a single core set of test equipment to be connected to the UUT...

How is a free-for-life boundary-scan test tool ideal for prototype debug work
Introducing a virtual multimeter

Perhaps best known as a structural test tool for use during PCB manufacture, boundary-scan (a.k.a. JTAG) is typically used to verify the connectivity between...

Combined inspection ensures flexibility and maximum inspection coverage
AOI and AXI in one system

The Zollner Elektronik AG is the only German company listed among the top 15 EMS manufacturers worldwide. The services offered a range from development of...

AXI system in the production cycle provides a highest quality
Safe inspection of dangerous voids

Wind energy, solar electricity, electro mobility … these catchwords are met continually and never before had such a global importance as today. In addition...

Specific space to automation

Pilot V8 form Seica is the only ATE flying prober with vertical architecture equipped with 8 drive/sense flying probes, two supply probes, two for the...

IPC-Conference in Budapest

Conference on Electronics Assembly: Soldering, Assembly & Inspection from 20 to 22 March 2012 in Budapest, Hungary, Ramada Resort Aquaworld. The IPC...

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