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IPTE equips the future packaging line at SMTconnect

Automated production equipment
IPTE equips the future packaging line at SMTconnect

IPTE, a supplier of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, will once again participate at the common booth “Future Packaging” at SMTconnect in Nuremberg. The line at the tradeshow will give an opportunity to get a full overview to really anticipate market trends and find the right people available on site to discuss constructive solutions to own challenges. Efficiency, robust processes and technology as well as a maximum of flexibility are the main focus.

The company is supplying the depaneling system FlexRouter II, an automated test cell, a laser marker FlexMarker II, the EasyTest Handler ETH and the Multi-Functional Test Handler MFT as well as some necessary conveying equipment from their EasyLine to interconnect the large variety of other suppliers’ process equipment.

The Flex Router II and the automated test cell are integrated into the company’s new production cells. These cells are built on a modular and scalable basis. Another part of the new design is the optimized layout inside the cells. This offers an increased user-friendliness and a better access to all parts of the machines. The handling of these production cells is even better for service and reequipping. Besides the standard processes like dispensing, milling and mounting, a lot of other functionalities can be built into these cells.

Depaneling solution

The FlexRouter II, globally tried and tested in numerous applications offers flexible, cost-efficient and fully automated depaneling with milling and/or sawing. It is aimed especially for middle to high volume production lots featuring a high variety of different PCB versions, these are the demanding high mix depaneling tasks based on short machine set-up procedures. Despite the small footprint (machine width is only one meter), boards with sizes of up to 330 mm x 500 mm can be processed without difficulties. Four of the seven machine axes in total are integrated as precise linear drives of latest technology.

Laser marking system

The FlexMarker II is an even more efficient successor to the laser marking system, FlexMarker. A unique feature of this advanced machine is the integrated electrical flip unit with PCB thickness compensation (option) so the work piece can be laser-marked on both surfaces. This automated compensation results in an always-in-focus laser beam – independent of the PCB thickness. A board warpage correction is being offered as an option as well. Flipping of the PCB is done without prior moving the laser to a secured area, resulting in a handling time less than one second.

Test handler

In-Circuit- or functional-test as well as programming processes can be inline automated with the easy test handler, ETH. It is practical for the use with single- circuit boards, multiple boards or corresponding carriers for circuit boards. Both, one- or double-sided fixtures can be realized. The fixtures can be changed quickly and easily. For optional parallel use of more than one test handler, it can be equipped with a bypass-segment. This allows a constant production process, which is not interrupted by the testing process. Moreover, the bypass can be used to optimize the cycle time. The company will show a live system to program/flash the processor on board.

Multi-functional test handler

The multi-functional test handler, MFT, is a handler for performing in-circuit tests and functional tests on PCBs that are routed through the handler on transport belts. The most important benefit is its concept: The modular design of the MFT offers multifunctional possibilities for test handling.

Board-handling program

The EasyLine program for board-handling of PCBs or ceramic substrate (hybrid-) boards can be easily integrated into production lines and processes. EasyLine modules are available in the transport sizes small (300 mm), medium (500 mm) or large (600 mm).

Autonomous test cell

The autonomous test cell is setup to unload PCBs from magazines, transport them to a test cell and to return them to either the “pass” or “fail” magazine depending on the test status. Magazines are exchanged by using IPTE’s AIV to unload/load magazines to the MLL/MLU 3P.

Company contact

IPTE Factory Automation NV
Geleenlaan 5
Schleifweg 14 Belgium
Tel.: +32 89 623000
E-Mail: info@ipte.com
Website: www.ipte.com

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