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Mirtec’s 3D AOI and SPI systems at Apex 2020

Smart inspection software
Mirtec’s 3D AOI and SPI systems at Apex 2020

Mirtec will premier its complete line of 3D AOI and SPI inspection systems at the 2020 IPC Apex Expo.

“We are very excited about the products that we will be presenting at Apex 2020,” stated Brian D’Amico, President of North American Sales and Service Division. “Mirtec will feature a total of seven 3D inspection systems specifically designed to address the full spectrum of inspection requirements associated with the electronics manufacturing industry.”

The MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI machine is configured with the company’s OMNI-Vision 3D inspection technology which combines the 15 mega pixel CoaXPress camera technology with their digital tri-frequency Moiré 3D system in a cost-effective platform. The 15 mega pixel CoaXPress vision system is a proprietary camera system designed and manufactured by Mirtec for use with the complete product range of 3D inspection systems. The digital tri-frequency Moiré technology provides true 3D inspection using a total of four programmable digital Moiré projectors to yield precise height measurement data used to detect lifted component and lifted lead defects as well as solder volume post reflow. Fully configured, the MV-6 OMNI machines feature four 10 mega pixel side-view cameras in addition to the 15 mega pixel top-down camera. The company will have two of these 3D AOI machines on display, one configured with a 10 μm lens for high-performance applications and the other with a 15 μm lens for high-speed applications.

Mirtec’s MV-3 OMNI desktop 3D AOI machine is configured with the same hardware and software as the in-line OMNI-Vision 3D inspection systems, providing 100 percent compatibility across their entire 3D AOI product line. These systems also feature the OMNI-Vision 3D inspection technology, which combines the 15 mega pixel CoaXPress Camera with tri-frequency Quad Moiré 3D system in a newly designed desktop platform. This machine also features the side-view cameras as well as the top-down camera. There will be two MV-3 OMNI’s on display one configured with a 10 μm lens and the other with a 15 μm lens.

The MS-11e 3D SPI machine is configured with a 15 mega pixel CoaXPress camera system, providing enhanced image quality, superior accuracy and incredibly fast inspection rates. It uses a dual projection shadow free Moiré phase shift imaging, excessive technology to inspect solder paste depositions on PCBs post screen print for insufficient solder, shape deformity, shift of deposition and bridging. The MS-11e uses the same robust platform as the MV-6 OMNI series. Two MS-11e’s will be on display, one configured with a 10 μm lens and the other with a 15 μm lens.

Hybrid 3D inspection technology

Moiré fringe pattern projection technology is widely used for 3D AOI as it is easy to implement and is suitable for many applications. This technology, however, is not without limitations. Increased complexity and density of modern PCB designs have led to higher instances of “shadowing” in which lower lying devices are obstructed by taller adjacent components. This, combined with the prolific use of highly reflective devices and materials within the electronic manufacturing process, can cause Moiré fringe pattern projection technology to fall short of fulfilling the needs of critically demanding applications. Attempts to overcome these limitations by adding more projectors, predictive algorithms and the heavy use of data filtering leads only to higher costs, slower processing speeds and distortion of the true data, leading to less accurate results.

The company’s Alpha 3D AOI system was designed to specifically address the most demanding inspection requirements of the automotive industry. This machine is configured with the company’s hybrid 3D inspection technology which provides uniform precision measurement across the entire 3D measurable range regardless of external factors, such as PCB density and material characteristics. This technology yields superior edge definition and requires substantially less software filtering of raw inspection data than competitive systems. Less distortion of raw data simply translates to superior inspection performance which is especially crucial for accurate solder joint inspection.

The Alpha 3D AOI is configured with the hybrid 3D inspection technology to address demanding requirements.

Smart inspection software using AI

The company’s automatic programming software uses Artificial Intelligence based Deep Learning Methodology to minimize human error and standardize the programming process. This advanced software solution automatically analyzes the PCB architecture and assigns the appropriate part type and process parameters for each SMT device, thereby maximizing programming efficiency. Only basic operator training is required to achieve optimal inspection results.

Mirtec’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology reduces false calls and improves production process efficiency by automatically restoring and inspecting damaged characters through AI and Deep Learning.

Leading the way to Industry 4.0

The Total Remote Management System (TRMS) is a fully integrated Industry 4.0 solution which combines remote management with real-time data monitoring and analysis for each system within the SMT production line. Mirtec’s TRMS provides real-time remote monitoring of status information and statistical data such as; equipment operation status, production yield, PC resources, temperature, humidity, etc.

The combination of the 3D AOI and TRMS systems provide a vast improvement in production process management over common AOI technologies and management software. The TRMS module is a key part of the company’s intelligent factory automation system, Intellisys. This powerful software suite was designed and developed to provide manufacturers with a clear view into the manufacturing process, thereby helping them achieve higher operating efficiencies and improved quality.

Apex, Booth 1900

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Mirtec Corporation
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Oxford, CT 06478
Tel.: +1 (203) 881–5559
E-mail: marketing@mirtec.com
Website: www.mirtec.com

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