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Seica develops flying probe module able to connect multiple hardware resources

Flying probe testers
Seica develops interface module to connect hardware resources to flying probes

Seica, a global supplier of automatic test equipment and selective soldering systems based in Italy, has introduced a new series of flying probers, known as the ‘Pilot Next Series’ line. According to Seica, this new generation of flying probers features “a renovated and sleek look” and “innovative electrical worth discovering performances”. In connection with this new product line, the company has also developed what it calls the new ‘FlyPOD option’, a module able to connect multiple hardware resources to a mini fixture which is installed directly on one of the flying probes.

The company said that all the Pilot Next Series testers feature its industrial monitoring solution known as ‘4.0 ready’, to monitor current absorption, supply voltage, temperature, light indicators and other parameters useful to indicate correct operation; ensure predictive maintenance and make the systems compatible with the new standards of the fourth industrial revolution.

“The FlyPOD module is mainly conceived and deployed for the On Board (OBP) programming, as a boundary scan test interface or as a communication interface (for example, CAN, I2C and so on),” Seica said in a press release.

“The complexity and miniaturization of electronic boards leads the market to an increasingly widespread deployment of flying probe testers which are turning from parametric testers into powerful and flexible general purpose testing platforms, with unimaginable potential. The heads of a modern flying probe system can be equipped with electrical flying probes but also with different types of tools, drastically increasing their potential.

“On-board programming is a crucial step in electronic board testing. Even for low-volume production, the following factors make essential the integration of the programming stage in the automatic test process:

  • Management of data confidentiality
  • Objective definition of the correct release to be installed
  • Optimization of the programming times
  • Need to reduce board handling

The company listed the implementation characteristics for the new option as follows:

  • Automatic flying prober with a 4 or 8 probes with FlyPOD option, can be integrated into a high-volume automatic production line.
  • Integration of up to 2 FlyPOD on different heads for OBP programming, Boundary scan, CAN communication and other purposes.
  • Fixture with minimum step of 1.27 mm (5×5 grid)
  • Max. number of contacts: 14
  • The D.U.T. should provide a termination of test points connected to the device to be programmed
  • The mini-fixtures are plug & play type, and will be manufactured according to the configuration in use.

It added that the system’s benefits are:

  • Fast and reliable programming: the solution ensures a minimum distance (~30 cm), between the target and the programmer; which is directly installed on an interface board attached onto the FlyPOD.
  • Optimization of the programming speed with respect to a centralized programmer (inappropriate cable length).
  • Possibility to double the FlyPOD heads and perform programming in parallel.
  • Integrated software management, demanded to the Seica VIVA software.
  • Dynamic script of the board serial available
  • Automatic selection of the release to be installed.
  • Verification of the correct programming and reporting.
  • Possibility to add programming- related functional tests


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