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Mycronic introduces high-capacity component storage systems

Streamlining inventory management and material handling
Mycronic introduces high-capacity component storage systems

Mycronic MYTower 5X component storage system
The MYTower 5X is part of the expanded portfolio of intelligent component storage systems. Source: Mycronic

Mycronic, a Sweden-based electronics assembly solutions provider, is introducing an expanded portfolio of intelligent component storage systems designed to enable higher capacity and greater flexibility. Two new models in the MYTower series of near-production storage systems include an innovative high-capacity platform enabling automated storage of up to one thousand component reels per square meter of floorspace.

A pioneering platform evolves

Mycronic’s original SMD Tower, introduced more than a decade ago, pioneered a new category of space-efficient storage systems that streamlined inventory management and material handling. In the years since, more than 1,500 SMD tower systems have been installed, forming the backbone of many manufacturers’ increasingly automated and digitally integrated production systems. This previous product range, consisting of four SMD Tower models, will now be expanded with two new high-capacity models and an optional dual-terminal design to form the new MYTower series.

Up to twice the storage capacity

The two newest MYTower models provide up to twice the storage capacity compared with their predecessors of the same height. The MYTower 6X, for example, can store up to 2,468 7 ” diameter component reels within a footprint of just 1.95 square meters.

A breakthrough in space efficiency, the MYTower 5X and 6X employ an innovative inventory system consisting of four rotating columns, each of which can contain five positions for 7 ” reels. An additional two positions can be used for 15 ” reel magazines or a versatile range of options for component trays and reels of other sizes. In addition to its significant capacity increase, the system offers all the same advantages as other MYTower and SMD tower models, including the same retrieval times, automated recording of all stock movements and control and monitoring of MSD components, as well as safe component storage.

“In terms of storage density and factory intelligence, the new MYTower series X is clearly at the industry’s forefront,” says Clemens Jargon, Sr VP Assembly Solutions High Flex. “By reengineering the entire shelving system from the ground up, we’ve made it possible for customers to consolidate, automate and access a far larger component stock than ever before.”

Optional dual terminal for enhanced accessibility

All models in the series now also include an optional dual-terminal configuration that offers more flexible loading and unloading for multiple staff or robotics systems. The two terminals make it possible for one MYTower line to support dual access to storage for multiple pick-and-place lines, or to integrate robotic loading and unloading systems on one side while operators proceed uninterrupted on the other.

“Every movement on the assembly floor is extremely valuable, whether it’s parts, people or automated systems,” explains Clemens. “The dual terminals help to make each movement more efficient, allowing customers to develop the workflows, floor layouts and automation systems best suited to their operations.”

The full range of MYTower systems, offering a flexible range of modular storage solutions for manufacturers of all sizes, is now available for order.

Company contact

Mycronic AB
Nytorpsvägen 9
Box 3141
183 03 Täby, Sweden
Tel.: +46 8 638 52 00
Website: www.mycronic.com

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