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3D AOI Arena- Compare. Evaluate. Decide.

Importance of accurate inspection
3D AOI Arena- Compare. Evaluate. Decide.

Following futuristic trends, including Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, and miniaturization, boards now need to have more capabilities and capacities. As a result, components are becoming more complex, boards are becoming overloaded, and with a fast-paced production, accurate inspection is needed more than ever before. Manufacturers are understanding the importance of high-quality production, in order to reduce production recalls and defects.

To best achieve and maintain a high throughput and high yield environment, all components and boards need to be thoroughly inspected, before leaving the production line. It can be applied several times throughout the manufacturing process, including pre reflow and post reflow. An AOI solution monitors printed circuit boards for defects, incorrect, missing or misplaced components, as well as, missing or overflow of solder paste, and electrode shift. As different AOI solutions have different capabilities, it can be a challenge to find a suitable solution for a specific application or process.

Purpose of the 3D AOI Arena

In collaboration with 10 inspection manufacturers and Messe München, the trade magazines EPP and EPP Europe have organized the 3D AOI Arena, which will take place throughout this year’s productronica. Ten AOI manufacturers will display their solutions alongside one another, to show their best features and advantages. The top Automated Optical Inspection manufacturers that are participating in the arena include: Cyberoptics Corporation, Goepel electronic GmbH, GPS Technologies with Parmi, Koh Young Technology, Mirtec, Omron Europe, Saki Corporation, Viscom AG, Vi Technology, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.

All in one place, visitors will get the opportunity to measure and compare different inspection solutions, stay up to date on a variety of the top features in today’s market, in order to be able to make informed decisions based on their needs. In both English and German, multiple live guided tours will occur to further inform visitors on each inspection solution, including machine introductions, details about hardware and software, Q&A rounds, etc.

Automated Optical Inspection highlights

To gain further knowledge, a roundtable discussion will take place on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 1 pm at the Speakers Corner in Hall A1. The participating inspection professionals will exchange their expertise on today’s on-going themes, the challenges that can arise in the inspection industry, as well as a variety of techniques and solutions.

A 3D AOI market overview is available, which analyzes current inspection solutions on the market. This includes other AOI manufacturers, not only those participating in the 3D AOI Arena. This research gives an overall insight about each solution, including details about the machine, image capturing system, and detectable defects. It also gives an overview of the software, including analysis and predictive capability, as well as, different off-line modes.

The 3D AOI Arena will take place during the productronica tradeshow, from November 12–15, in Booth A2–506.


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