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Seica to showcase latest test solutions

SMTconnect 2022
Seica to showcase latest test solutions

Provider of solutions for the testing, selective soldering of PCBs and modules Seica will showcase its latest test solutions at Booth A4-139 at this year’s SMTconnect trade fair on 10-12 May 2022 in Nuremberg.

Flying prober

The company’s new PILOT VX flying probe test platform is the latest addition to its Pilot Next Series. According to the company, the Pilot VX has multitude of new hardware and software features aimed at addressing the fundamental concerns of electronic board manufacturers looking to optimize their investment. “The new state-of-the-art mechanical performance and motion control enables a reduction of up to 50% in test time,” the company said. “The [platform] has 12 multi-function test heads providing the capability to contact up to 44 points simultaneously, as well as technologically advanced measurement hardware, new microwave-based measurement techniques. Optimized VIVA software management enables the parallelization of different types of tests, saving even more time, and smart analysis capabilities together with algorithms based on the principles of artificial intelligence can automatically optimize the test flow in run-time, while maintaining test coverage targets.

“[The] flying prober can test fully loaded double-side boards with components that also need to be programmed, LEDs to be tested electrically and optically, flex circuits, and very small and very large boards with very small and very large components.

“With a positioning precision of +/- 10µm, the Pilot VX is able to probe 20µm pads, measure values such as 0.05pF capacitance or 100 µohm resistance and, with a minimum spot of 200 µm, the integrated laser inspection tool can perform presence/absence checks of even 01005 SMDs.

“Going beyond the ability to store the test data, the prober has the capability to collect and store the data regarding the mechanical pressure applied by the test probes on every point on the board under test, making it available for visual, graphical and statistical analysis. Seica’s software allows complete visibility of the test process and provides full traceability.”

Asset manager software

The Seica Asset Manager (SAM) software suite is a configurable platform that can perform basic functions (such as connecting a test system to the factory MES) but also has the potential to supervise all of the assets in a roboticized line according to the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) Broker IIOT standard, which can then be monitored on a remote PC, tablet or mobile device via the customizable Dashboard Application.

Compact digital XL test system

The Compact Digital XL Test system is equipped with a vacuum-type receiver designed for manual or automated loading/unloading of the UUTs. The  system is a configurable, full-range test solution: from MDA/ICT up to full functional tests of complex digital boards, boundary scan test and on-board programing. Like all of the company’s solutions, it is based on the VIP platform (Viva Integrated Platform) and includes the technologically advanced hardware and software capabilities, in a completely integrated, user-friendly environment, which provide the high-level test performances required by today’s electronics.

64-bit  software

The company’s VIVA Next> 64-bit  software provides a complete set of utilities and tools specifically designed to easily manage all aspects of test as well as a Test Studio, that allows the user  to develop functional test sequences using whatever software is most familiar or preferred (e g. VIVA VL, VIVA Quicktest, VIVA Flylab,  TestStand, Labview, MS Excel, Python).  The software provides intelligent integration with all aspects of the customer’s manufacturing processes – data collection, traceability, interaction with MES, repair operations – and all of the Next> series systems have Canavisia’s Industrial Monitoring solution on board, with the potential for remote monitoring of current and voltage consumption, mains supply, temperature, light indicators and other parameters useful to indicate correct operation, provide information for predictive maintenance and, in general, to render the systems compatible with today’s Industry 4.0 standards.

Industry 4.0 solutions

In fact, visitors will be able to see Canavisia’s Industry 4.0 solutions for the acquisition and digitalization of data coming from machines, factories and buildings with the goal of optimizing processes, maintenance and intelligent energy management on-site, over the web and from the Cloud. The system Dashboard and APP provide a real-time view of the connected resources as well as statistical reporting, and the solutions are compatible with the most widely used protocols and management software, for easy integration into existing infrastructures.

Hall A4, Stand 139


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