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MCD Elektronik expands test system series with a collaborating robot

Versatile and future-proof for test automation
Test system series expanded with a collaborating robot

MCD Elektronik VTS 2030 with collaborating robot
MCDs versatile VTS 2030 test system with a robot application can now be integrated in fully automated assembly lines. Source: MCD Elektronik GmbH

MCD Elektronik has officially released its modular and versatile VTS 2030 test system series at the productronica 2017 in Munich. Now, the flexible system can also integrate collaborating robot applications for test processes within half and fully automated assembly lines.

The prominent feature of the VTS 2030 is the possibility to modify it for various assemblies and products within short change-over times. With this development, it is possible to respond to the customer’s growing demand for high-end testing facilities, who rather manufacture small quantities of quickly changing variants. The MCD “VTS Rack” is the basis of every system, including a PC and the MCD Universal Measurement System “UMS 1300 ULC”. The test adapter with the assembly nest to be tested is located on the table´s surface which can be moved electrically to an ergonomically acceptable work height. The complete test adapter is connected to the “VTS” through a “Pylon” interface. With over 8.000 active licenses, the proven MCD “TestManager CE” is also available for the control, evaluation and documentation of the test performance in the “VTS 2030”. Moreover, MCD offers a solution for the customers who prefer to work in a “LabView” test environment.

With only minimal adjustments, the system can be utilized for functional, end-of-line, manual functional as well as boundary scan tests. By the integration of a collaborating robot, the standard test system can now also be used for test processes within fully automated assembly lines. The robot arm offers the possibility of self-employed gripping of tools or DUTs as well as an automated control of the test adapter. Additionally, there is a camera mounted on the robot which performs optical tests together with an imaging tool from MCD Elektronik inside the test procedure.

Through a combination with modern laser sensors, there is a protective cover around the test system. During a conflict with the protected area, the speed of the multi-axis robot is reduced up to a complete stop, if the collision protection with a scanned object or person cannot be ensured.

Company contact

MCD Elektronik GmbH
Hoheneichstrasse 52
IKG Dammfeld
75217 Birkenfeld Germany
Tel.: +49 72 31/ 78 405-0
E-Mail: info@mcd-elektronik.de
Website: www.mcd-elektronik.com

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