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Weller Tools celebrates its 75th anniversary

Hand soldering expertise
Weller Tools celebrates its 75th anniversary

Weller Tools, a producer of hand soldering solutions, announces that 2020 marks the company’s 75th anniversary. In 1945, the company invented hand soldering and has continued innovating, bringing the world into the next-generation of soldering with its latest technologies.

Hand soldering has been around for thousands of years; however, it wasn’t until 1941 that a transformer-based instant heating soldering method was developed by an American radio repairman who was tired of waiting for his soldering gun to heat up. Carl E. Weller had to wait until after WWII ended in 1945 to get his Weller Manufacturing Company running. In 1960, the Weller Manufacturing Co. in the US patented the “Magnastat” soldering iron that used a magnetic component to regulate the temperature at the iron’s tip.

In an overseas expansion in 1959, the Weller Elektro-Werkzeuge GmbH plant in Besigheim, Germany, along with new plants in other countries, was organized to manufacture temperature-controlled irons and soldering guns for industrial markets throughout Europe and the Near East. Keeping pace with the increasing complexity of customers’ needs at that time, Weller Germany developed and manufactured hand-soldering products worldwide.

Over the years, the company has continued exploring new product global frontiers, expanding its reach to automation and connectivity, while enhancing functionality on old favorites. Based on a deep understanding of customer needs, the company segmented its professional products into performance, technology and efficiency lines to provide optimal solutions for every customer level. “Keeping the user’s health and workflow top-of-mind, we’ve integrated filtration, ergonomics, traceability and connectivity with Weller’s signature soldering precision and efficiency,” added Philippe Buidin, VP, Weller Marketing.

The brand represents high functionality and quality. Being part of an international group of companies enables Weller to develop new, innovative tools for industry, trade and hobby. Close communication with customers also has proven to be a key factor in developing quality standards and designs. Since the beginning, Weller engineers have listened to their customers and used those dialogues to develop products that meet market needs and solutions. This exchange of ideas also refers to the broader industry. The company uses international symposia, open house events and workshops for direct communication for innovation and optimization of its products and services. By working together in a trusting, effective way, Weller has been constantly revolutionizing the market with new high-tech products since 1945.

Looking to the future, Weller understands that the digital transformation is in full swing. Mobile and cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning are greatly impacting the work environment in exciting new ways. As has been the company’s custom for the past 75 years, they are confidently and constantly moving forward with new ideas and inventions.

“As we move into the next 75 years and beyond, Weller will continue using its knowledge and experience to meet customers‘ challenges. What began on a battlefield has grown into an innovative company leading the industry in soldering technology,“ concluded Buidin.

Company contact

Weller Tools GmbH
Carl-Benz-Straße 2
D – 74354 Besigheim
Tel.: + 49 7143 580–0
E-Mail: info@weller-tools.com
Website: www.weller-tools.com

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