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Semiconductor expo to highlight advanced technologies

Semicon Europa 2022 – “Chips Powering The Data Age”
Semiconductor expo to highlight advanced technologies


Innovations in advanced technologies such as smart mobility, smart medtech, advanced packaging, fab management, materials, and other semiconductor industry growth drivers will come into sharp focus at the Semicon Europa 2022 at Messe München in Munich, Germany on 15–18 November, says event organizer and global industry association, SEMI.

Co-located with Electronica, the event will also highlight challenges and opportunities in sustainability, workforce development and across the supply chain as the semiconductor industry unites to address these critical issues.

“We are delighted to welcome key semiconductor industry leaders from across the value chain back to Munich to collaborate and discuss innovations vital to semiconductor industry growth in Europe and around the world,” said Laith Altimime, President of SEMI Europe.

What’s On?

SEMI has shared the following highlights of the event:

SEMICON Europa Highlights

  • Opening Ceremony: Executives from Airbus, Athinia, Edwards Vacuum, imec, Porsche and Samsung will share their perspectives on key topics such as accelerating innovation, a sustainable and connected future, and European manufacturing excellence.
  • Advanced Packaging Conference: Thought leaders will highlight advanced solutions for electronics packaging and test, manufacturing equipment and materials, design for reliability and test, and Heterogeneous Integration (HI). 
  • Fab Management Forum: Experts will discuss topics such as chip manufacturing, datafication of fabs, and AI in microelectronics manufacturing as the industry intensifies its focus on long-term resilience strategies in light of COVID-19 and recent supply chain disruptions.
  • ITF Beyond 5G – Powered by imec: Experts will discuss Radio Frequency (RF) technology challenges and opportunities ranging from materials and devices to integrated circuits (ICs) and modules as advanced chips and compound semiconductors pave the way to next-generation mobile connectivity.
  • SEMI Networking Night: This event will gather stakeholders from across the electronics industry to connect with peers and explore new business partnerships.

Executive Forum Program

  • The Future of Work: Experts will discuss the importance of inclusive leadership in building a sustainable workforce and overcoming critical industry challenges such as the global talent shortage and increasing workplace diversity.
  • Materials Innovation: This session will explore materials innovation developments and challenges related to atomic-scale processing and control of interfaces, morphology, composition, and 3D conformality.
  • Smart Mobility Forum: Led by SEMI Europe’s Global Automotive Advisory Council (GAAC), this forum will provide an overview of industry stakeholders across the automotive and electronics value chains and discuss opportunities for overcoming current challenges faced by the automotive semiconductor industry.
  • Electrification and Power Semiconductors: With semiconductor innovation enabling the electrification of a wide variety of industries, this session will highlight key trends in the field of power semiconductors such as improving semiconductor manufacturing efficiencies and technologies.
  • Smart and Green Manufacturing Summit: Fab investments worldwide continue to grow to meet the demands of digital transformation as the semiconductor industry works to reduce its carbon footprint. This summit will explore how greater automation, data analytics, and resource-saving technologies will help the semiconductor industry achieve its sustainability goals.

TechARENA Program

  • Integrated Photonics: Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) will play a key role in future infrastructure for communication, biosensing, and mobility. This session will showcase the latest PIC technologies and applications and provide insights into current scientific and industrial advancements.
  • Smart MedTech Forum: The global pandemic has proven that a collaborative ecosystem can accelerate the introduction of healthcare solutions. This forum will examine how the medical industry will evolve to develop future therapies.
  • Future of Computing: Experts will showcase innovative computing solutions for edge devices and lower power consumption, as well as new paradigms for more efficient computing solutions.
  • From Edge to Cloud – Leveraging AI-driven Mechatronics for Resilient Manufacturing: Powerful intelligent mechatronic systems are helping manufacturers across industries achieve greater levels of productivity. Industry experts will discuss how Intelligent Motion Control under Industry4.E (IMOCO4.E) can help businesses meet the challenges of digital transformation.
  • Innovation Showcase: SEMI will highlight microelectronics and semiconductor innovations in pre-recorded messages and product announcements.


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