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PVA manufactures Covid-19 emergency ventilator

Spread of coronavirus
PVA manufactures Covid-19 emergency ventilator

As the virus continues to spread, PVA is supplying solutions being utilized to manufacture Covid-19 test kits, portable respirators, and mechanical ventilators. Source: PVA

PVA, a supplier of automation equipment servicing the electronics, medical device, telecommunications, semiconductor, and defense industries, has rapidly manufactured an emergency ventilator to help combat supply shortages during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The company has more than 25 years of automation experience working with electronic components and currently is supplying solutions being utilized to manufacture Covid-19 test kits, portable respirators, and mechanical ventilators. They have also created a low-cost mixing dispensing system to help manufacturers in producing more hand sanitizer.

The emergency ventilator design uses functionality that has been recently approved by the United Kingdom Department of Health & Science. PVA has an operational prototype running in their New York headquarters and is prepared to move forward with high-volume manufacturing.

The company has presented the ventilator to the New York State Governor’s office, Congressman Paul Tonko’s Office (NY-20), and the office of the United States Vice-President. They have committed all resources to New York State initially and will allocate capacity to additional institutions as requested.

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PVA can produce ventilators at a low cost and has plans to ramp production to a minimum of 100 ventilators per day. Units can be delivered within two weeks if regulatory approval does not delay shipments.

The company has joined the race to provide critical medical equipment that has seen medical companies teaming with automotive suppliers. “It’s sexy to think that Ford, GM, and Tesla are going to make your ventilators,” states President and CEO Tony Hynes. “They are moving quickly and doing great work. They have tremendous resources, but you can’t just convert that type of operation in days. We have the ability to provide our emergency ventilators much faster.”

“Every day when we listen to Governor Cuomo’s press briefing, his greatest need is for ventilators. The Governor asked New York State businesses to step up and get creative to relieve the critical shortages of medical devices. This is PVA’s answer to the call. We are ready to assist in any way possible to help our friends and neighbors in the State of New York and wherever our expertise may be needed.”

PVA has offered to be of service to New York State or third-party entities with the following products and services: Liquid hand sanitizer manufacturing equipment , ventilators, Covid-19 test kit robotic dispensers, sheet metal fabrication and welding, CNC machined parts, 3D printed medical devices, mechanical product assembly, and electronic assembly.

Company contact

One Mustang Drive
Cohoes, NY 12047 USA
Tel.: +1 (518) 371–2684
E-Mail: info@pva.net
Website: www.pva.net

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