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Panasonic Factory Solutions partners with SMD-Tec in BeNeLux market

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Panasonic Factory Solutions partners with SMD-Tec in BeNeLux market

Panasonic Factory Solutions partners with SMD-Tec in BeNeLux market
Source: Panasonic Factory Solutions

Panasonic Factory Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, has announced that it will partner with SMD-Tec, a leading technical distributor for high-tech capital goods for the production of electronic goods in the BeNeLux region.

SMD-Tec will distribute its portfolio, particularly Smart Factory software solutions as well as high-end automation products such as Pick & Place machines, printers for various industrial sectors.

“With SMD-Tec, we found a good partner whose product portfolio fits to our products and who has a good expertise in the world of electronic production. SMD-Tec brings a lot of experience and know-how for a successful cooperation,“ Senior Account Manager, Panasonic Industry Europe, Thorsten Jokel said.

CEO of SMD-Tec, Tom van Tongelen commented: “We see a tendency in our region towards high-speed machine requirements, not only for the high volume manufacturer but also for the medium volume producers that require fast turn round of their products and time to market. The high quality and reliability, in combination with the accuracy and speed of the machines, allow the competitive edge that is required by many of our customers in the Benelux region. The product range from Panasonic fits the need for state-of-the-art machine efficiency and automation.“

“Since we collaborate with leading companies from the electronics industry worldwide, we have extensive experience in segments such as SMT production and process optimization,” said Division Director of Panasonic Factory Solutions, Nils Heininger. This is also reflected in the reliability of our machines. We consciously combine the advantages of Japanese culture with the benefits of local networks in Europe. This mix of experience and values is something we also want to put at the disposal of medium-sized companies to help them be more efficient and profitable.

As of today, we have predominantly supplied high volumes to internationally positioned tier-one electronics manufacturers in the automotive sector. Particularly across Europe, we would now like to focus on the market segment that comprises medium-sized companies.”

“One of the challenges is that in Europe, Panasonic is not yet perceived as a solution provider in this segment. The systems we offer are sometimes classified as over-engineered. But that‘s not true – for example, with our NPM-W2, we provide a flexible SMT solution at an affordable price. That said, the price tag of a machine should not be the deciding factor for investment in electronics production. Instead, parameters such as setup times and unit costs should be the focus. Another challenge is increasing our reach to customers. For this, we are continuously building our network of local partners that contribute to our success with their expertise and long-term relationships in the SMT industry. SMD-Tec is one such valued partner who extends Panasonic Factory Solutions directly to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.“


SMD-Tec is based in Aarschot, Belgium


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