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Conformal coating made easy with Rehm and Electrolube

Specialists combine their knowledge
Conformal coating made easy with Rehm and Electrolube

A collaboration that benefits electronics manufacturers around the world: That is what the cooperation between Rehm Thermal Systems and Electrolube is all about. The perfect interaction between coating systems and lacquers ensures optimum results during jetting, dispensing, spraying or curtain coating.

“When two specialists combine their knowledge, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Especially for users who use Electrolube protective lacquers on Rehm conformal coating systems,” according to Michael Hanke, Head of Sales. This ensures the highest precision with short cycle times in the continuous production process and guarantees the perfect coating result at the end. “With a wide range of coatings and process solutions coupled with responsiveness to individual customer needs, we have the right solution for almost every possible application,” states Hanke.

The cooperation is clear in many respects: At the recently held Conformal Coating Day, Electrolube contributed in-depth expert knowledge to the benefit of the participants. Additionally, users can test various coatings under real conditions in the Technology Centre in Rehm, make comparisons and find the best solution for their application.

“The cooperation between material and machine is the logical consequence if the highest demands are placed on quality, precision and reliability,” as agreed on both sides. “The combination of expertise from both companies forms the basis for successful development of the partnership. “Since the entire market environment is developing very dynamically, we are constantly researching new and even better protective coatings,” declares J. S. Stingl, Conformal Coating Adviser at Electrolube.

The company is confronted with challenges, such as the growing demands of the automotive industry: Where previously relatively slow temperature changes were common during hardness tests, transitions from hot to cold are now carried out within seconds. “The devil is in the circuit boards and their components,” explains J. S. Stingl. Some lacquers are too brittle and may crack when exposed to temperature shocks. This makes the underlying electronics susceptible to moisture penetration. In extreme cases, small soldered components can also be torn off the circuit board during the tests. “This does not happen with our acrylic protective lacquer APL-SP. It hardens but stays flexible, which effectively prevents cracking. The flexibility of the coating also ensures that the solder joints of small components such as chip resistors or ceramic capacitors are not destroyed in the event of thermal shock and remain securely fixed to the circuit board. Cracking is not an issue here either. Due to its short drying times and the fast throughput that can be achieved, it is widely used in the automotive industry. It meets the high demands placed on temperature shock tests,” states Stingl. Sensitive components have to be usable worldwide – from Siberia to the Sahara.

The Protecto coating systems from Rehm were developed to meet the demands for highest quality, stability and productivity for automatic in-line coating tasks. The system is just as flexible as the lacquer: “From all-in-one lacquer to highly selective coating, we can meet all requirements,” said Bernd Marquardt from Rehm Product Sales.

This reliably protects sensitive electronic assemblies from damage by corrosion or other environmental influences such as humidity, chemicals or dust. There are numerous areas where circuit boards are constantly exposed to dirt or demanding environmental conditions. Fields of application range from offshore wind farms through shipbuilding, military hardware, telecommunications, medical technology, industrial control and automotive systems to electronics in private households.

www.rehm-group.com; www.electrolube.com

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