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Providing turnkey sensors to increase market share

Sensing the world’s needs
Providing turnkey sensors to increase market share

The Fox4 placement machine helps Comus International keep up with new business ventures without sacrificing quality. Source: Combus International
Comus International, founded in 1978 by President and CEO Robert P. Romano, began as a manufacturer of glass mercury tilt-switches for residential and commercial thermostats. Immediate success and rapid growth led to new product development and soon the metal mercury switch and, ultimately, the patented non-mercury switch were designed and offered to the market, which led to further success.

Dhiran Rana, Chief Engineer, Comus International

Today, the company is a manufacturer of tilt and tip-over switches, motion/vibration sensors, reed switches, reed relays, solid state relays, proximity sensors, float switches, and a wide variety of custom turnkey sensors. Its product growth and offering has been built with an excellent reputation for quality and service.

Pick-and-place machine with local support

The company has evolved into the design, development and manufacture of a wide variety of sensors and sensor-related products. Applications are found in market segments, such as medical, automotive, white goods, alarm and security, and military/aerospace. Products include reed switches, relays, proximity sensors, tilt switches/motion sensors, liquid level/pressure sensors, smart sensors and custom products.

“Our lasting commitment is to meet the ever-changing necessities of our customers and the markets they serve,” said Romano. “We strive to continually improve our processes and our products and to pioneer developments and sensors that use less power while never sacrificing quality or function. Additionally, we work to expand our product knowledge and diversification, so that we may continue our mission of ‘sensing the world’s needs’.”

To meet this mission and exceed customer needs, the company partners only with manufacturers that hold the same high standards. Essemtec is one such partner and has worked with them since 2011, with the original purchase of the Pantera line. Romano said, “We were amazed how the machines worked and the precision technology behind the line.” 

Since that time, the company upgraded to the Fox4 pick-and-place machine. They originally chose the Pantera because it allowed the company to realize its strategic vision of kitting and board products for customers, without worrying about deploying too much capital too soon in a fairly new market. Romano added, “Over time, we were able to add customers and products and increase our market share to the point where increasing capacity was the only way to ensure we could continue our success. The Essemtec team was great to work with and they were our logical first choice when it came time to make another investment.”

The pick-and-place machine allows the company to scale its new business ventures with the assurance of not sacrificing quality. The Fox4 can place up to 18,800 cph on 4-axes at 50 μm, 3 sigma with a two-nozzle head. It has an 8 mm tape feeder capacity of 200 and features a footprint of 1 m2. Additionally, the system can handle component sizes up to 80 x 80 mm. The machine features quick changeover including nonstop production and nonstop, intelligent smart feeders. The platform is the first in its class to feature linear motors with a mineral cast frame, providing excellent speed, stability, accuracy, and making it perfectly suited for use in small to medium production environments. The motors also are maintenance-free and provide a long lifetime.

In addition to quality, the company is provided with excellent service. Romano said Essemtec was first chosen seven years ago because local service and strong technical support are key. “Having access to local support during times of crisis is what keep customers in the long run. Having equipment that can work interchangeably with what we already have is also a big plus,” he added. Both companies are located in New Jersey, and Comus International likes knowing there is a local branch in the same state, if needed.

He continued to say that their customer service has been great over the years. “All our questions and concerns are always addressed efficiently and comprehensively. We have professional help for technical troubleshooting in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the Fox4 installation was very well-organized and the training that was provided was excellent.”

The company continues expanding its services and capabilities as its reputation continues growing. They now offer PCB design and packaged solutions to customers. It has a team of engineers and technicians for the highest quality of manufacturing and assembly. “We are proud to offer quick turnarounds and rapid prototyping for customers who require an expedited flow from design inception to conceptual testing and, finally, production scaling,” concluded Romano. Essemtec will be there for Comus International, working to help the company succeed by providing adaptive technology that grows with the company.

SMTconnect, Booth 4-318

www.essemtec.com; www.comus-intl.com


Das Angebot eines Maschinenherstellers an adaptiven, mit dem Unternehmen wachsenden Technologien, verhalf einem internationalen Produzenten von diversen Schaltern, Sensoren und Relais zum Erfolg, wie der Artikel zeigt.


L‘article montre la gamme de technologies adaptatives offertes par un constructeur de machines, qui a contribué au succès d‘un fabricant international d‘interrupteurs, de capteurs et de relais divers.


Адаптивные технологии для бурно развивающихся предприятий от производителя станков помогли международной компании, специализирующейся на производстве различных переключателей, датчиков и реле, добиться успеха. Более подробно об этом можно прочитать в статье.

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