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X-ray with unbeatable brilliance, complete 3D and intelligent linking

X-ray with unbeatable brilliance, complete 3D and intelligent linking

X-ray with unbeatable brilliance, complete 3D and intelligent linking
The MXI system X8011-II PCB from Viscom offers first class image technology and comprehensive process control. Source: Viscom
Viscom has reworked its successful MXI system X8011 PCB and launched this advanced development as the X8011-II PCB. It will be presented at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016, taking place from April 26 to 28 in Nuremberg. Now the customer has even more options for configuring the system. Valuable experiences from many years of practical application have been devoted to the improvement and enhancement of diverse software and hardware features.

The X8011-II PCB is recognized from the outside by its new housing, emblazoned with a large melon-yellow V. The front window is motor-driven and its new design makes loading even more convenient. Ergonomics have been significantly improved by the modernized design of the operating console. Within the system, a faster manipulator ensures even more precise positioning of the inspection object. Among other benefits, this results in higher throughput. Moreover, the detector axis swivel range has been optimized to a very practical 60 °.
An X-ray inspection in electronics manufacturing is indispensable when, for instance, the printed circuit boards are populated with Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) or Quad Flat No Lead Packages (QFNs). As is already the case with the X8011 PCB, the new X8011-II PCB convinces by its brilliant image quality, a resolution down to the microfocus range and other features. With its integrated 3D functionality, it can generate sharp, clear slice or layer images from any penetration angle. It is also very well suited for accurate random testing as well as semi-automatic handling of small to medium job lots (batch operation).
The Viscom SI software takes on fully automatic evaluations. To a great extent, its analysis functions are identical to those of the in-line AXI systems from Viscom. The X8011-II PCB is also a genuine team player for clearly defined tasks. With the Viscom Quality Uplink, this MXI system can be coupled with the SPI, AOI or even AXI systems from the company. Defect detection and prevention see significant improvement with such linkage. Suspect inspection results from the line can be taken to the MXI verification station for an extensive X-ray inspection, making a decisive contribution to process optimization.
With all these features, the system is a highly economical and smart solution in the manual X-ray inspection area. Viscom has already been represented on the market with its own X-ray inspection systems since the mid-90s and is committed to future development of this technology. This also includes the intelligent linking with other Viscom inspection gates.
SMT Hybrid Packaging, booth 7A/125
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