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MicroCare to present expanded product range

IPC Apex Expo 2022
MicroCare to present expanded product range

The company says its team of experts will be on hand to present its entire portfolio of products for the electronics assembly, precision manufacturing, telecommunications, and medical device manufacturing industries Source: MicroCare

MicroCare LLC, a leading global manufacturer of environmentally-progressive fluids for critical cleaning based in Connecticut, US, coating and lubrication will present its expanded range of products at IPC Apex Expo 2022, San Diego, California from January 25–27 2022. The company says its team of experts will be on hand to present its entire portfolio of products for the electronics assembly, precision manufacturing, telecommunications, and medical device manufacturing industries and to share their holistic knowledge of critical cleaning solutions.

Heavy duty rosin flux remover

One product taking center stage in the MicroCare booth will be its SuprClean Heavy Duty Rosin Flux Remover. “Complying with stringent regulatory requirements and environmental expectations, this fast-drying and versatile fluid delivers impressive PCB cleaning thanks to its low viscosity and low surface tension. It easily removes rosin fluxes, as well as many urethane and acrylic conformal coatings, and eliminates white residue without rinsing or drying.”

High performance flux remover

Included in the company’s precision manufacturing line-up is Tergo High Performance Flux Remover a non-flammable fluid engineered for removing stubborn flux residue from PCBs inside a vapor degreaser. “It is a stand-out replacement for many older legacy solvents like nPB or TCE that are now under environmental, health or safety pressures.”

“Also, featured is the Sticklers line of fiber optic cleaning wipes, tools and fluids including the SticklersFiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner. This cleaning fluid removes static build up and microscopic contaminants from PCB fiber optic connectors for better performing fiber optic networks.

“Rounding out the selection are fluids important to cleaning and lubricating mechanical and electronic medical device parts. Duraglide Dry Lubricant features a proprietary PTFE micro-dispersion that provides a dry slippery coating for mold release in plastic injection molding processes. Pretreating fixtures with Duraglide also makes cleaning up silicone conformal coating overspray faster and easier. Duraglide™ is fast-drying, non-migrating and bioburden hostile. It is also ISO 10993 certified for easy cleanroom validation.

New member of the team, VP of Global Sales

Apex 2022 will also allow MicroCare to introduce its newest member of the team, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Ray Bellavance. Ray is responsible for establishing and implementing the sales and marketing strategy for MicroCare in North America and will advise on and support sales and marketing efforts in Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia.

Tom Tattersall, MicroCare Chief Executive Officer said: “The last year has been incredibly busy and exciting for MicroCare. With new acquisitions, innovative products and a growing global team, we are achieving our strategic goals to expand the company while remaining a reliable source for technical knowledge and innovative products to support our customers and their critical cleaning needs.”

“IPC APEX will be the first exhibition of 2022 and we are looking forward to using it as a springboard to present our full line of advanced products. It will allow us to meet with industry leaders in the electronics sector and reinforce our reputation for providing critical cleaning products that not only work effectively, but also meet increasing environmental regulations.”

Booth #909, IPC Apex Expo 2022


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