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Henkel releases non-conductive, high thermal die attach paste

Delivering low in-package thermal resistance
Henkel releases non-conductive, high thermal die attach paste

Henkel die attach paste Loctite Ablestik ABP 8920TC
The non-electrically conductive die attach paste, Loctite Ablestik ABP 8920TC, is suitable for packages that require high heat dissipation. Source: Henkel

Expanding its line of automotive grade die attach materials for advanced semiconductor packages, Henkel has developed and commercialized Loctite Ablestik ABP 8920TC. The high reliability, non-electrically conductive material more than doubles the thermal conductivity of its predecessor, providing systems designers and semiconductor specialists with an effective solution for packages that require high heat dissipation. The material is well-suited for automotive and industrial applications, modules and sensors and 5G telecom devices.

Loctite Ablestik ABP 8920TC is built on the company’s high-performance, proprietary BMI resin system and formulated with a tightly-controlled maximum particle size and distribution to ensure excellent electrical isolation and lower CTE (CTE2 above Tg of 54 ppm/ °C). At 3.0 W/m-K, the die attach paste is one of the most thermally capable non-electrically conductive pastes on the market. Compatible with die sizes as large as 6.0 mm x 6.0 mm and delivering good adhesion on multiple leadframe finishes including Cu, Ag and PPF, Loctite Ablestik ABP 8920TC provides wide application adaptability.

In addition to its high-performance properties, Henkel’s die attach offers package assembly specialists notable process latitude. As compared to previous-generation materials, Loctite Ablestik ABP 8920TC has better rheology control for improved high-speed dispensability, shows good bondline thickness and fillet height control, and has two hours of open time and up to eight hours of stage time, making it conducive to dynamic manufacturing environments.

Among its impressive features is the die attach paste’s low in-package thermal resistance (1.8 K/W), which is arguably a more significant reliability forecast than bulk thermal conductivity alone. Raj Peddi, Henkel Semiconductor Packaging Market Segment Manager explains: “Understanding how a material will perform in the application is a critical factor for predicting long-term reliability. This non-conductive die attach not only provides low in-package thermal resistance. It also meets the exceptionally strict reliability standards for automotive grade 0 (AEC Q100 grade 0) thermal cycling and high temperature storage testing, passes MSL3 and has MSL1 capability for some packages. In short, for applications where dependable, unfailing performance is essential, Loctite Ablestik ABP 8920TC delivers.”

Designed for use with packages that demand maximum heat dissipation, Loctite Ablestik ABP 8920TC has been successfully employed in advanced SOIC, SSOP, BGA, automotive camera module, QFP and QFN designs.

Company contact
Henkel Corporation
Henkelstraße 67
40589 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49 211 797 0
E-Mail: corporate.communications@henkel.com
Website: www.henkel-adhesives.com

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