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Full metrological 3D AOI with 25 mega pixel sensor

Across-the-board height profile measurement and inspection
Full metrological 3D AOI with 25 mega pixel sensor

Full metrological 3D AOI with 25 mega pixel sensor
The AOI system delivers ultra-high speed inspection of even 008004 components, leads, and solder joints. Source: Marantz Electronics

Mek (Marantz Electronics) will showcase and demonstrate a comprehensive range of 3D AOI systems at this year’s productronica, featuring the latest in 3D inspection technology. This will include a unique 3D AOI capability across a very wide range of applications and budgets.

The ISO-Spector M1, a metrological AOI system of true measurement, delivers full, across-the-board height profile measurement and inspection. With a large, 25 mega pixel sensor and 69 x 69 mm FoV, it delivers ultra-high speed inspection of even 008004 components, leads, and solder joints. Multiple Moiré fringe projections enable high precision, shadow free measurement of heights up to 30 mm, as well as, 4 fully programmable side view high-res cameras able to actively inspect J- leads and other devices invisible to top side imagers.

Other product highlights at the show include the SpectorBOX GTAz 550. This “Bottom Up/Top Down” system is uniquely engineered to accommodate solder frames on return and/or feed conveyors. It offers bottom side, top side or simultaneous dual side inspection, deploying up to 18 cameras, Z axis positioning, and auto-focus. The design is optimized for the inspection of THT components to identify defects such as presence/absence, wrong polarity, colour, type, and bent pins. Various integration alternatives are greatly enhanced by its slim, compact, mechanical design.

The entry level iSpector JDz 520 boasts high specifications, including a 5 mega pixel camera, 15 micron telecentric lens, co-axial light and 520 x 460 mm maximum PCB size. This bench top powerhouse uses same high speed programming software as the PowerSpector series of machines.

Simultaneous 3D and 2D (5D) Solder Paste Inspection on the ISO-Spector S2 is made possible with patented, third generation sensor technology. Shadow free violet/blue dual lasers ensure accurate and repeatable 3D measurements while episcopic and low angle diffuse RGB lighting creates the highest quality of 2D colour imaging.

The SpiderEye Machine Vision systems are static AOI machines for the inspection of moving objects. Inspection and quality control tasks traditionally performed by humans or inflexible mechanical procedures can be fully automated for increased throughput, lower defect counts, and to generally boost productivity and profitability. This is another machine vision solution, including powerful algorithms for THT solder joint inspection with meniscus profiling, and myriad integration alternatives.

productronica, Booth A2.402


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