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Ersa extends its rework family

Heating and placement technology
Ersa extends its rework family

Ersa's rework solutions: HR 600 XL, HR 550 XL and HR 600/3P.
Ersa introduced 3 rework systems at productronica: HR 550 XL, HR 600 XL, HR 600/3P. Source: Ersa GmbH

At productronica 2019, Ersa expanded its successful rework family with three systems for repair of electronic assemblies: HR 600 XL, HR 550 XL and HR 600/3P. Like the well-established systems IR 550, HR 100, HR 200, HR 600/2 and HR 550, these rework representatives are completely designed to maintain and expand customer value.

New soldering and repair tasks are created almost daily due to the constant new developments in electronics in all industrial fields. The drivers are the advancing miniaturization (chips of size 01005) and new technologies such as 5G with extremely powerful and sometimes very large components (ball grid arrays with 120 x 120 mm edge length). Even “zero defects” are not always achievable in production – for example, errors creep in during product restarts despite the best equipment and highly qualified personnel.

Ersa is responding to these increased demands with three new family members, each of whom is characterized by technologically interesting aspects in the field of heating and placement technology. With its large IR matrix underheater, the HR 600 XL features the most innovative heating technology available today. All heating zones of the matrix can be set individually, and the module can thus be ideally preheated. The system with extra-large heating head enables the automatic repair of very large PCBs (up to 625 x 625 mm) with component sizes up to approx. 120 x 120 mm. Applications in the field of telecommunications (5G) are the focus here.

The HR 550 XL is a semi-automatic device for large assemblies (up to approx. 530 x 530 mm) – a real powerhouse with eight bottom radiator heating zones, motorised X/Y fine adjustment and motorised component rotation. The system is suitable for industrial and power electronics as well as large-format PCBs and is therefore particularly attractive for service providers. Those who demand maximum precision from a rework system can rely on the HR 600/3P for automatic repair of fine pitch components such as µBGA and smallest chip components (01005). The high-precision axis system and 5-MPix cameras offer the most accurate desoldering and assembly technology in rework available today. Finally, the HR 500 incorporates full Ersa hybrid rework technology for budget-oriented users. The HR 550´s little brother allows flexible repair of standard assemblies up to 380 x 300 mm and 50 x 50 mm component sizes.

For all new rework systems, the HRSoft 2 software package provides a uniform platform with clear operation and user guidance. New features such as “minimap” and “click in picture” shorten the time required to find the working position for very large assemblies. HRSoft 2 also forms the basis for connecting the devices to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). As a system supplier, Ersa thus covers the entire spectrum of electronics assembly repair.


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