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Productronica 2021: Critical Manufacturing and ASMPT to demo fully automated SMT line

Productronica preview
Critical Manufacturing and ASMPT to demo fully automated SMT line

The company says highlights will include the premiere of Open Automation, which is what ASM calls its comprehensive, modular and open concept for automation in SMT production Source: Critical Manufacturing

Critical Manufacturing will exhibit with ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT) in Hall A3, Booth 377 at the productronica 2021 trade fair from 16–19 November 2021 in Munich. According to the company, ASMPT will present a range of innovative hardware and software solutions for the integrated smart factory. Highlights will include the premiere of Open Automation, which is what ASM calls its comprehensive, modular and open concept for automation in SMT production. Critical Manufacturing will be showcasing its modern, fully integrated MES for Electronics Assembly.

Live demonstrations in the booth’s Experience Areas will focus on the automation of production and material flow processes. These areas will feature realistic manufacturing environments to demonstrate how manufacturers can become more productive, efficient, and resilient on the journey to creating fully integrated smart factories. The company says visitors will be able to experience a fully functioning, fully automated SMT line, complete with material replenishment from AIVs which will be powered by Critical Manufacturing’s MES Factory Automation Module.

ASMPT will also offer an ´on demand´ virtual booth with live-links and an extensive media library for those who can’t attend the event in person. In addition, the ASM trade fair studio will be ‘on air’ daily with exciting livestreams featuring impressions from the show floor, reports from our Experience Areas, expert talks, studio guests, product innovations, and much more.

“During the event, Critical Manufacturing experts will be on hand to demonstrate the advanced MES capabilities that address the unique challenges of electronics manufacturers, including components, boards, EMS, ODM and OEMs,” the company said. “The Critical Manufacturing MES for Electronics Assembly includes an open and integrated solution that monitors and controls all factory-wide processes in a single, fully integrated MES, from incoming raw materials to finished goods. The solution delivers agile and versatile Material Management functionality that automates material tracking and consumption for the efficient flow of materials from the warehouse to the line, reducing downtime and ensuring that the right materials are available in the right quantities at the right time. Combined with a powerful Equipment Integration module that allows complete visibility and traceability of the process flow, Critical Manufacturing MES combines real-time equipment and process monitoring with accurate live visualization of quality and performance across the supply chain.

“The solution also addresses the key requirements for SMT lines, assembly and test equipment including enterprise and equipment integration, warehouse and material management, including MSD and floor life control procedures, capacity and production planning, setup preparation and validation and equipment control and monitoring. Process interlocking allows complete traceability and quality control over the entire manufacturing process flow. Further capabilities include maintenance management and new product introduction (NPI), which provides advanced operator guidance through visual and interactive work instructions. Critical Manufacturing’s new Factory Automation module further enables interaction with key vendors for AIV’s, fleet management and automatic storage solutions for a complete automated SMT line solution, including scenarios for automated replenishment of components to minimize line stoppages and increase equipment utilization.”

Manufacturing IoT data platform

The company will also highlight its Manufacturing IoT Data Platform at the event.

“In a typical electronics factory, where testers, placement machines and other equipment can produce massive amounts of data at an extraordinary pace, this integrated technology provides a fully scalable event ingestion mechanism that can route events to multiple stream processing components for real-time processing and analysis. The speed and scalability of this platform provides a future-proof solution for data handling and means that any production issues are automatically identified to increase the speed of learning and prevent future problems.

“As electronics manufacturers face tremendous challenges to meet customers’ increasing expectations for top performing, high quality electronics at lower prices, the modernization of the often diverse manufacturing application and data landscape, with alignment of all the business layers, has clear benefits. By providing end-to-end information flow across the plant and the entire enterprise, Critical Manufacturing’s MES is a key enabler for margin improvement and future business resilience by driving agility, efficiency and visibility into day-to-day operations while supporting advanced analytics for continued process and operational improvement.”

Hall A3, Booth 377


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