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Asys introduces flexible laser marking solution

Markings as small as a grain of sand
Asys introduces flexible laser marking solution

Asys Insignum 6000
The laser marking system Insignum 6000 uses a CO2 laser to make markings smaller than 1mm. Source: Asys

The miniaturization of the printed circuit board with simultaneous high assembly density increases the requirement to apply codes in the smallest possible space. Asys has the answer: the laser marking system Insignum 6000 uses a CO2 laser and a positioning accuracy of ± 100 μm@5Sigma to mark codes smaller than 1 mm. Therefore, module sizes of  3 mil (0.08 mm) are possible.

A product becomes a unique specimen by providing it with a unique code. Traceability is the big keyword here. In times of electromobility and 5G technology, high performance electronics are applied to a smaller PCB area. Accordingly, the markings must also shrink. This requires a new type of technology in the field of laser marking.

Laser marking with CO2

The company’s laser experts have taken up the challenge. They have succeeded in guiding the laser beam through optics in such a way that a small spot is created with which 3 mil codes can be generated. This technology is integrated in the new laser marking system Insignum 6000 3 mil. The system uses a CO2 laser and a positioning accuracy of ± 100 μm@5Sigma to mark codes smaller than 1mm. Therefore, module sizes of  3 mil (0,08 mm) are possible.

Flexible platform – Configuring the machine

With this flexible solution, it is possible to realize any requirements in the field of laser marking. In addition to the realization of module sizes smaller than 3 mil, model variants for double-track solutions, the processing of large format printed circuit boards and the marking of e.g. ceramics, plastics and DBC substrates are also possible. Transport system and laser types are individually adapted to the process requirements. Different laser sources such as CO2, fiber, green and UV can be used in the system to meet any special requirements. In the basic version, the plant is equipped with a 10-Watt CO2 laser, X/Y linear axis and transport system.

The benefits:

  • Miniature markings: codes smaller than 1 mm with module sizes  3 mil
  • High-precision marking: with a positioning accuracy of ± 100 μm @ 5 sigma
  • Flexible: different laser sources can be integrated

Company contact

Asys Automatisierungssysteme GmbH
Benzstraße 10
89160, Dornstadt, Germany
Tel.: +49 7348 9855–0
Website: www.asys-group.com

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