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Aegis Software updates manufacturing operations platform

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Aegis Software updates manufacturing operations platform

"We are excited to continue our evolution with these latest updates to our platform that roll out to our entire worldwide customer base of over 2,200 manufacturing sites," the company said

Source: Aegis Software   

Aegis Software, a global provider of manufacturing operations management software, has announced new capabilities in their latest FactoryLogix 2022.1 and 2022.2 releases. With the updates, the company says it offers advanced capabilities to eliminate redundancies, streamline error-prone processes, promote agility, increase quality, and reduce waste.

“In an ever-changing market, adaptability is everything. Manufacturers must take the waste out of every operational task from manufacturing and process engineering, through the shop floor and out the loading dock. Speed of adaptability makes or breaks their performance. Manufacturers need innovative and forward-thinking solutions that deliver this adaptiveness without requiring costly and time-consuming configuration or customization,” said Jason Spera, CEO, and Co-Founder of Aegis Software.

“Our mindset is to deliver a platform that responds to our customers’ dynamic business, and these releases are a testament to that vision. FactoryLogix’s architecture, elegant user interface, and no-code platform provide our customers with a no-compromise solution. They get the best of all worlds, a robust end-to-end solution with deep functionality with the end-user configurability needed to support their changing requirements. We are excited to continue our evolution with these latest updates to our platform that roll out to our entire worldwide customer base of over 2,200 manufacturing sites.”  

According to the company, the updates deliver enhancements across the entire platform. Features and benefits include:  

  • Smart, Dynamic Visualization – Whether during incoming inspection or on the factory floor, manufacturers can power up their visual work instructions with “smart pictures” that dynamically change depending on the context of what is being inspected or worked. Similar to the software provider’s recently introduced “smart text” capability, end-users now have the power to create one template and use it in an infinite number of scenarios instead of leveraging static/generic images or single-use templates. Companies benefit by eliminating redundant document authoring work, streamlining processes, supporting single-piece flow production, and, ultimately, overall improved quality.
  • Fractional Tracking During Production – The company has expanded the ability to track units of measurement (volume, length, etc.) beyond the unit level during the production process. Now manufacturers have expanded support for even more process types and product types when leveraging the platform.
  • Cross-Order Process Synchronization – With this latest capability, manufacturers can now establish a common assembly operation to occur simultaneously across different assembly lines and different products. They can optimally balance approaches, equipment, materials, and resources based upon similar operations common among products regardless of the assembly line, further elevating quality, reducing waste, and streamlining resources. 
  • Nonconformance Integration & Threshold Approval Support – The platform now supports cost-related parameters and threshold approval workflows when assessing the path of action for a nonconformance. In addition to accelerating the approval process, it also enables the ability to see those problems occurring most frequently and those imposing the greatest cost.
  • BOM Compare to an Externally Sourced BOM – The platform has always supported BOM to BOM comparisons, but now manufacturers can compare a CAD/CAM BOM to an externally resident BOM (e.g., ERP) and accelerate the BOM compare process, saving time and money. Users can quickly identify discrepancies between the two, eliminating data inconsistencies and ensuring they have enough material to complete the job on time and within budget.



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