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Handling system from esmo targets semiconductor test applications

Automated microchip testing
Handling system from esmo targets semiconductor test applications

Handling system from esmo targets semiconductor test applications
The talos 2021 system has additional features to carry out multiple test temperature cycles. Source: esmo group

esmo group — a full-service systems integrator that provides innovative and advanced engineering services — has rolled out upgrades and additional features for the talos 2021 system. First launched in 2019, the talos engineering handler is a reliable and easy-to-use handling system for semiconductor test applications and is a solution to the industry’s need to cost-effectively test increasingly compact and complex devices within a shorter period of time.

At the core of the system is its state-of-the-art active thermal control system (ATC), which allows manufacturers to carry out multiple test temperature cycles and achieve the highest temperature accuracy.

“Our talos engineering handler provides semiconductor companies with the most stringent quality control and assurance, ensuring products are tested to specification,” shared Joseph Weinberger, Business Unit Manager (Semicon). “A highly flexible and cost-effective test system, the talos platform helps manufacturers achieve faster time-to-yield with higher overall equipment efficiency. Furthermore, its remote control and monitoring feature also allows customers to remotely manage and conduct device handling.”

The system supports the testing of devices with any site pitch dimension, which allows semiconductor companies to use already existing production load boards and sockets seamlessly. Its tray or tube loading and unloading feature also makes it possible for manufacturers to run the talos system in a mixed media operation. As such, loading trays, tubes, and tapes can be combined with their unloading counterparts, and devices can even be sorted from one media to another, such as from tube to tray.

Designed to meet both test and production floor requirements, the handling system features a highly accurate pick-and-place robot system and a standard docking interface that is compatible with all testers. It can also be employed as a basic, kit-less test handler, or as an advanced test handling system with its expansive selection of optional modules.

Key features of the talos:

  • -60 °C to +175 °C (-76 °F to +347 °F) device testing temperature with ATC — temperature is measured and controlled at the contact plunger to ensure highest accuracy levels
  • Junction regulation option available — users can control the device’s core temperature, compensating power dissipation for highest temperature accuracy
  • Low test time — Minimal adjustment and conversion efforts required
  • High contact force of 450 N and above
  • Multiple automated test cycles at different temperatures within a short timeframe
  • High system uptimes and power-on times achievable at lower maintenance costs
  • Compact test cell footprint (in combination with phoenix cart)
  • Moveable and modular system
  • Remote control available via Ethernet

Company contact

esmo AG
Brueckenstrasse 1
83022 Rosenheim Germany
Tel.: +49 (8031) 233 88 0
E-Mail: sales@esmo-ag.com
Website: www.esmo-group.com

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