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Exhibit of efficient equipment for IoT

Future packaging line display
Exhibit of efficient equipment for IoT

IPTE FA participates for the fourth time in the common booth “Future Packaging Line” at SMT in Nuremberg (June 5 – 7). This year the production line, “Future Packaging Line”, shows an IoT construction kit which demonstrates different scenarios to learn more about the Internet of Things. Furthermore, the production line focuses on quick adaption of equipment concerning the products being produced.

On an area of 1.000 m² not only is the “Future Packaging Line” on display, but also a number of other exhibitors. The following components are integrated in the line: the conveying system “EasyLine”, the Laser Marking-System “FlexMarker II” and two EasyTesthandler “ETH”. The company will also have their own booth in the common area, where the depaneling system “EasyRouter”, a version with increased functionality, will be presented.

The EasyLine program for board-handling of PCBs and ceramic substrate (Hybrid-) boards can be easily integrated into production lines and production processes. The modules are available in the sizes small (300 mm), medium (500 mm), or large (600 mm).

The FlexMarker II is a highly flexible applicable laser marking system for processing PCBs featuring dimensions from 50 to 522 mm (both in width and length). Depending on customer requirements, CO2, Fiber, YaG and UV laser are available. Another outstanding feature is Verify@Mark, which verifies the code immediately after the marking without compromising cycle time.

Batch change-over consequences (such as solder mask changes) are automatically corrected using the Verify&Correct feature. This feature will verify the marking and correct the laser settings to ensure highest output quality, without losing handling time and with no operator action. Flipping of the PCB is done without prior moving the laser to a secured area, resulting in a handling time less than one second.

In-Circuit- or functional- test as well as programming processes can be inline automated with the company’s Easy-Test-Handler ETH. It is practical for the use with single- circuit boards, multiple boards or corresponding carriers for circuit boards. Both, one- or double-sided fixtures can be realized. The fixtures can be changed quickly and easily. For optional parallel use of more than one Test-Handler, it can be equipped with a bypass-segment. This allows a constant production process, which is not interrupted by the testing process. Moreover, the Bypass can be used to optimize the cycle time.

The EasyRouter is an effective depaneling system for off line use which offers some new features. The machine is equipped with a productive milling tool featuring a speed of up to 60 mm/s for the fast routing of circuit boards from above. New features, for example, are increased accuracy, operator indicator lights for assistance in handling, noise level reduction by noise shielding panels and simulation of the tool route.

SMT Hybrid Packaging, Booth 5–434


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