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MAPS suite for measurement and automation modules

Speeding development times
MAPS suite for measurement and automation modules

MAPS suite from Adlink
The MAPS software from Adlink Technology improves process efficiency and shortens development time. Source: Adlink Technology

Adlink Technology, a global provider of edge computing solutions that drive data-to-decision applications across industries, announces a new generation of all-in-one software solutions: Measurement, Automation, and Platform Suite (MAPS). To improve process efficiency and shorten development time and effort, developers working with DAQ and PXI modules can immediately begin work with MAPS software packages, such as Adlink Connection Explorer (ACE), diagnostic tools, and easy-to-use testing utilities to analyze device functionality in one click. By continuously working with customers and engineers, the company strives to make application development time faster, easier and more productive than ever.

Faced with heavy deadlines to rapidly create solutions, measurement and automation developers are often hindered by a lack of crucial setup and development tools. After buying new systems and modules, engineers can spend hours visiting various websites to collect drivers, diagnostics, analysis tools, and documentation before even getting started on a project. The company eliminates this bottleneck with its MAPS suite, an all-in-one software solution that can be used in conjunction with the company’s DAQ and PXI modules.

This software improves process efficiency and shortens development time for:

  • Test and measurement and automation developers – Adlink Connection Explorer (ACE) is a single quick-access screen for exploring and validating functionality for DAQ and PXI modules. No more back-and-forth searching to determine the root cause of an error installation.
  • Third-party PXI module developers – Engineers developing solutions with third-party PXI platforms from Keysight, National Instruments, and other providers can now enjoy full device transparency with ACE. Conversely, users may view Adlink PXI platform and modules on third-party interfaces, such as NI-Max and Keysight Connection Expert. Users can also use DAQ modules on NI LabView.
  • DAQ modules and PXI chassis developers – The MAPS toolset includes soft front panel for DAQ modules users and ChassisWatch for developers using any of the company’s PXI chassis. Both offer easy-to-use testing utilities that analyze functionality in one click for seamless field and site deployment.

“With nearly 25 years of global field experience, Adlink’s expertise is evident through a full range of PXI platforms and more than 100 PC-based data acquisition modules for automation and testing support, analog input and output, load cell sensor measurement, digital I/O, relay outputs, and timer/counter boards.” says Tim Juan, Director of IoT Solutions and Technology. “By working continuously with customers and engineers in creating applications for testing and automation environments across all industries, Adlink strives to make application development faster and easier.”

MAPS software also offers language based SDKs needed for C/C++ and LabView developers.


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