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X5 Professional Optilign and X5 Professional Optilign MultiCarrier

Miniaturisation of electronics
X5 Professional Optilign and X5 Professional Optilign MultiCarrier

X5 Professional
X5 Professional Source: ASYS

EKRA Automatisierungssysteme GmbH, a member of the ASYS Group, is located in the high-tech mechanical engineering region Stuttgart. EKRA is a development and engineering company specialized on processes and systems for complex material deposition by printing. The company’s comprehensive know-how flows into many areas of daily life. Products built with our technology are ubiquitous. Whether in the kitchen, car, hospital, consumer electronics or power generation, EKRA’s printing solutions make a critical contribution in manufacturing.

One focus is on the ongoing miniaturisation of electronics. Ever smaller designs make it possible to penetrate new, previously unexplored areas. Miniaturisation requires new processes and equipment to be able to process such complex components.

X5 Professional

The printing systems X5 Professional Optilign and X5 Professional Optilign MultiCarrier has been designed to achieve highest flexibility, superior throughput, and yields. With its patented Optilign multi substrate alignment we are able to process small, complex, odd shaped designed substrates or the solution for SiP (system in package) modules.

EKRA X5 Professional Optilign
EKRA X5 Professional Optilign

The patented Optilign combines the precision of optical alignment and maximum available print format to gain ideal throughput. As cleaning cycle are print stroke depended, the number of wipes is reduced dramatical as well. As per every wipe an N-Number of substrates been processed before. A clear advantage compared to single substrate processing as know whereas you clean on a very narrow cycle. Depending on substrate size the X5 Professional can manage up to 50 individual pieces within one workholder.


Another way to use Optilign is Optlign Multi Carrier. Multi Carrier has been developed to boost throughput once more when manufacturing is limited to a certain carrier / workholder size. The X5Professional Optilign Multicarrier is able to collect as many substrates as can ideally be handled with the maximum print area of the system. Means customer do not need to invest into newer enlarged carriers and adapt other production equipment because of getting more printed substrates. X5Professional Multi Carrier collects, prints and delivers afterwards carrier by carrier back to the downstream.
This innovative solution increase throughput by almost 3 times!

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