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Maximum Printing Precision For Your Semiconductor & Hybrid Applications

Screen and Stencil Printing Process
Maximum Printing Precision For Your Semiconductor & Hybrid Applications

Michael Zahn (Global Business Development Manager), Sebastian Bechmann (Application Lead), Michael Brianda (CEO), Frank-Eberhard Günther (CTO). Source: CK Group

Many of our precision stencils are used in manufacturing processes with print deposits smaller than 30µm. This high accuracy with accompanying process reliability enables applications in semiconductor manufacturing.

Due to the advancing miniaturization of SMD components and the increasing mix of components on ever smaller surfaces, the demands on material application are constantly increasing. The CK Group is focused on the screen and stencil printing process. We manufacture precision tools for electronics manufacturing in short delivery times. With our Application Centre we have been investing in process consulting, process analysis, production testing and printing process optimization for many years.

With innovative production technologies and experienced employees at the locations Munich, Eisleben, Györ (HU) and Le Longeron (FR), more than 75,000 precision tools (screens and stencils) are produced every year. Our state of the art manufacturing technologies are exceeding the usual market quality requirements in terms of accuracy and speed.

Semicon Application Areas

Source: CK Group

Wafer Bumping Stencils

In wafer bumping, it is important that the solder paste is optimally transferred from the stencil. Uniform paste deposits are the requirement for a reproducible bump height. Our laser-cut wafer bumping stencils meet the highest demands in combination with innovative materials such as CK Nanovate™ Nickel. They are extremely thin and densely packed with the smallest apertures.

Product features – Maximum precision for your semiconductors

  • Reproducible bump formation due to superalloys with smooth cutting surfaces
  • More print cycles due to long stencil life
  • Higher efficiency and productivity of the wafer bumping process

LTCC Stencils

In the production of circuit carriers based on ceramics (low-temperature cofired ceramics), circuit levels must be reliably plated through.
Our laser-cut LTCC stencils (VIA fill stencils) have super-fine apertures that are placed precisely on the micro-VIAs of the ceramic substrate. When the silver paste is applied to the stencil, the apertures guide it into the VIAs like a funnel. Play it safe with the VIA Fill process and decide for precise connections and minimal deviations along the tolerance chain. And that with apertures from 50µm and a positional accuracy of ± 10µm.

Product features – Maximum precision for hybrid technologies

  • Precise aperture positioning due to superalloy CK Nanovate™ Nickel
  • More print cycles due to long stencil life
  • Higher economic efficiency and productivity of the VIA fill process

CK Balling Stencil

Source: CK Group

The production of semiconductors places the highest demands on efficiency. Do you want to apply flipchip bumps to wafers or substrates as efficiently as possible? With CK Balling stencils, you can raise the productivity of your semiconductor production to a new level. The secret: With our patented milling process, we also add the necessary spacers to the lasered apertures.

This time-saving process brings you two important advantages: Positionally accurate apertures and short delivery times.

Product features – Precise apertures and exact positioning

  • High precision and reproducibility for apertures and spacers
  • Shorter delivery times compared to electroformed stencils
  • Optional process evaluation in the CK Application Center

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