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Top 7 reasons to visit this year’s productronica

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Top 7 reasons to visit this year’s productronica

Every two years, the international tradeshow, productronica gives the electronics industry the opportunity to gather in one place, in order to see today’s latest technology and innovations. International visitors and exhibitors alike come to this tradeshow to share ideas, discuss trends, and create everlasting business relationships. As the market is constantly growing and changing, it has become a challenge to stay on top of all current trends and create solutions that target specific needs.

This year, the international tradeshow will take place on November 12–15 in Munich, Germany. Messe München has organized a 4-day comprehensive show, to benefit all areas of electronics manufacturing and production. Below are the top 7 reasons for why attending productronica is an absolute must this year.

1. International tradeshow

This tradeshow is incomparable to any other German event, solely based on its size. In 2017, 1,560 exhibitors occupied 7 Halls, while displaying their solutions to almost 45,000 visitors. This year, it looks just as promising. For easier navigation, the cluster structure aids with the organizational aspect of the show, as it gives a comprehensive overview of the industry. Each Hall is grouped into a specific aspect of the electronics production. These clusters include, SMT, Cables Coils, and Hybrids, Semiconductor, Future Markets, PCB and EMS.

2. 3D AOI experts

As miniaturization becomes more eminent, boards and components are becoming more complex. This means quality control and inspection is an important theme, as it is an absolute must in this industry. The 3D AOI Arena is the perfect opportunity to measure multiple inspection solutions at once. Taking place in Booth A2–506, 10 top inspection manufacturers will display their unique automated optical inspection solutions, side by side, where visitors will be able to compare, evaluate, and decide based on their needs. Multiple guided tours will occur throughout each day, in both English and German. To gain even more knowledge and know-how, a roundtable will take place on Thursday, November 14 at 1 p.m. at the Speakers Corner in Hall A1. Here, renowned inspection experts will discuss PCB challenges and issues that 2D and 3D AOI systems manufacturers may face for PCB production.

3. Start-up platform

The global start-up platform, productronica Fast Forward, is beneficial for both participants and visitors of the tradeshow. In collaboration with Elektor, young companies will get the opportunity to present their innovations to more experienced companies. Forums, discussions, pitches, lectures, and workshops will take place, to further expand opportunities for new companies. At the same time, visitors will get the chance to discover leading innovations, as well as, network with a variety of companies.

4. Exploring the job market

Finding qualified specialist employees in specific fields have become a challenge in this industry. The Career Center is dedicated in helping the job market evolve by bridging a connection between job seekers and potential employees. This platform not only gives an overview of job positions that are currently available, but it is a knowledge hub for those who are just starting out. Students are encouraged to stop by and get a look at starting level positions or available training programs.

5. Soldering competition

The Hand Soldering Competition will occur again this year. This event gives the opportunity for companies to show off the skills of their employees. Throughout the week, participants will first compete on a European level for cash prizes. The winner of this event will then compete at the World championship on the last day of the tradeshow.

6. Gaining knowledge

The focus of this tradeshow is not only to exhibit new products and technologies. Special events and forums will also take place throughout the week. This includes the Cleanroom which highlights clean environments, showing tools and solutions to remove possible contamination. The Smart Maintenance Pavilion will focus on solutions for the electronics production. Covering topics, such as predictive maintenance, TPM, data analytics, remote services, mobile and computerized maintenance, thermography, and more.

7. Accompanying shows

Alongside productronica, two other tradeshows will also take place, covering all aspects of the value chain. In Halls B1 and B2, Semicon Europa will focus on the microelectronics industry, which includes semiconductors, LEDs, MEMs, printed, organic, and flexible markets. In Hall A6, printing technology industrial manufacturers and suppliers will gather at InPrint Munich This event focuses on printing systems, printing inks and components, finishing equipment, and more.


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