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electronica 2018 exceeds all expectations

The future of electronics is certain
electronica 2018 exceeds all expectations

The electronic industry has increased exponentially as everything is now made up of electronics. Several innovative waves have rolled into the industry, as new technologies and trends came into play, effecting all branches. The automotive industry has especially been transformed. Previously, only a small percentage of a car was dependent on electronics. Today, however, drastically more electronic parts are being used throughout, which will continue to broaden, especially with the advancement of autonomous vehicles. As innovations continue to grow, qualified labor with the correct knowledge base is also becoming challenging. Which is why collaboration and communication is important for success.

The future of the electronics industry seems secure considering how successful electronica 2018 was. Taking place in Munich this past November, the tradeshow had an increase in attendance, exhibitors, floor space, as well as the launch of several supporting events. Throughout 4 days, over 3,100 exhibitors from 50 countries welcomed 81,000 international visitors. Industry experts, professionals, and decision-makers came from all over the world, including Italy, Austria, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, Switzerland, the U.S., the Russian Federation, China and Poland.

For over 50 years, the show has been covering a variety of important topics and trends, while gathering the industry in one place. With new initiatives and premieres, the organizers, Messe München, brought focus on current challenges and difficulties. Discussions, forums, and conferences took place, including themes concerning the entire range of the industry. Networking and talent recruiting opportunities were also a highlight for electronica 2018.

The conferences

Four main conferences took place throughout the week, which created a platform for visitors to gain information and obtain answers to their questions. Specific highlights were automotive and electromobility, which is why the Automotive Conference (eAC) was beneficial, as trends and strategies were covered by prominent automotive experts. Topics included electronics and PCBs in the automobile. The Embedded Platform conference (eEPC) focused on development tools and software solutions. Discussions of challenges were also mentioned, while highlighting current and future topics. Lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions were part of the Wireless Congress conference. Specialists from the industry discussed the most recent news about systems and applications. The Medical Electronics conference (eMEC) made its premiere, which focused on health and medical applications, as well as, wearables.

The forums

Giving visitors exclusive information regarding the industry, the 16 available forums were informative, as they comprised of lectures and presentations, technical papers, and roundtable discussions. A variation of topics were discussed addressing all knowledge levels, including automotive, cyber security, IIoT, LED, PCB, components, power electronics, and more.

A specific highlight was the e-ffwd forum, which focused on building a connection between startups and reputed companies. This platform was a win-win for all parties involved, as it helped startups receive advice and market information. It was also beneficial for others to learn about innovations, examine prototypes, and get fresh business ideas within the industry.

Further forums included the Discovery stage, where lectures and panel discussions, as well as the keynote speaker was held.

Special initiatives

Bringing even more value to eletronica 2018, education was a great focus for this year. The exchanging of knowledge and ideas is important for the advancement of the industry. Which is why the CEO roundtable was so notable, since international business professionals from renowned companies gave their insights on artificial intelligence and its impact on small to large businesses. This platform also discussed, from a global viewpoint, the status of AI in the market and what it will bring for the future.

The job market is evolving at a rapid pace, however young talent can be hard to come by. With the recruiting initiative and ‘electronica Experience’, the tradeshow made it possible for young qualified entrepreneurs to make connections with potential employers. A list of job openings was available for high school and college students, as well as, attendees, to be able to meet with exhibitors. Supporting talent and giving them the correct tools can help the industry in the long run.

The exhibitions

Compared to 2016, electronica 2018 showroom expanded in size, giving the opportunity for the display of even more products and solutions. This covered a variety of subjects, including automotive, displays, EMS manufacturing, test and measurement, micro- and nanosystems, wireless, and much more.

For the first time, Semicon Europa took place simultaneously. 327 exhibitors displayed semiconductor products, materials, and solutions, targeting the microelectronics industry. More specifically, this included LEDs, MEMS, as well as, printed and organic markets. 9,220 attendees visited this show with a strong interest in sensors, nanoelectronics, IoT, smart manufacturing, and electronics applications. With 42 conferences, workshops, and more, visitors were able to gain further knowledge, including flexible electronics, advanced packaging, smart manufacturing, silicon wafer, smart mobility, and more. This tradeshow strongly believes in the initiative to find talent as well, which is why a workforce development program was created.

The collaboration with Semicon enabled the expansion of resources for all show attendees. The next show will take place for the second time along with productronica in Munich this year, on November 12–15, 2019.

electronica 2018 had a bigger purpose than most regular events. From the increase in showroom floorspace, to the added educational feature, there were advantages for all visitors. The organizers summarized it as: ‘We showcase, we network, and we support talent!’. As it takes place every two years, the next one will be held on November 10–13, 2020.


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