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Viscom exhibiting Smart Factory solutions at productronica 2019

Optical and X-ray inspection systems
Viscom exhibiting Smart Factory solutions at productronica 2019

As a manufacturer of optical and X-ray inspection systems for electronics manufacturing, Viscom will be presenting several developments at productronica 2019. The focus is on Smart Factory solutions that minimize cycle time, increase process efficiency and prevent defects, thus ensuring greater safety and reliability in SMT production. This requires innovations such as AI-assisted verification, ultra-fast inspection speeds and seamless, high-precision defect inspection of sophisticated assemblies. In addition, trends such as e-mobility, new energy technologies, LEDs and high-performance electronics require new inspection solutions, for example the innovative inline X-ray inspection system with integrated workpiece carrier handling developed.

In the area of X-ray technology, the company has expanded their offline and inline X-ray systems to include a further innovation: developed specifically for high-performance electronics and components for e-mobility and renewable energy, the X8068 SL inline system carries out fully automated inspections of large and solid inspection objects. It is equipped with an integrated transport system with workpiece carriers and inspects the connection of semiconductors and other quality-relevant areas such as surface solder joints. The company offers a customer-specific adaptation of the system to facilitate seamless integration in the production line.

The high-precision inline X-ray inspection system, X7056-II, offers a complete AXI inspection, but also has the capability of 3D AOI and 3D AXI inspection in a single system. This solution is establishing itself as the new standard – both as a combined system and as a X-ray only machine. The X7056-II ensures accurate inspection of hidden solder joints and components in high-volume production. The 3D reconstruction of the X7056-II is based on planar computer tomography, which makes invisible defects clearly visible in sharp slice images. The system will be exhibited at productronica, under the vVision operating interface, which guarantees ultra-fast optimization of inspection plans.

The company’s development expertise in the 3D AOI area has led to a special innovation: the S3016 ultra, a bottom-side system that guarantees outstanding, high-throughput, 3D inspection from below of THT solder joints and pressfit connections for the first time.

Moreover, Viscom is now offering a unique range of sensor technology for the new S3088 DT system, which is designed for maximum efficiency dual lane operation in series production. The system configuration is extremely flexible to facilitate a wide range of fully automatic inspections, including 3D AOI, 3D SPI, CCI and UFI. This in turn ensures optimal inspection quality and maximum throughput in placement, solder joint, solder paste, conformal coating and underfill inspection.

Visitors to productronica will not want to miss the 3D AOI Arena in Booth A2–506, where numerous manufacturers are presenting their 3D AOI systems for comparison. The premium S3088 ultra gold will be available to see in action and will show how it delivers reliable 3D AOI inspection results with optimal, nearly shadow-free image quality and realistic 360 ° views.

To meet the most demanding smart factory requirements, the company offers open interfaces and in-house software solutions to integrate inspection systems perfectly in Industry 4.0 process lines. Particularly with regard to smart maintenance and traceability, the company offers intelligent concepts that prevent defects right from the start, significantly increase production efficiency and elevate inspection system performance to the highest level. For optimized and absolutely reliable verification, a trailblazing software concept will also be presented, which utilizes artificial intelligence. The company will also exhibit its innovative and comprehensive range of 3D SPI, 3D AOI, 3D AXI, MXI, CCI and bond inspection solutions.

productronica, Booth A2–177


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