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Koh Young to showcase award-winning inspection solutions

On show at Electronica
Koh Young to showcase award-winning inspection solutions

Koh Young Technology, developer of 3D measurement-based inspection solutions, will showcase its award-winning inspection solutions at electronica on 15-17 November 2022 in Munich, Germany. The company will present its technologies, including its conformal coating inspection technology, the Neptune C+ and the Neptune T, at Stand A3.358. 

The manufacturer is also sponsoring the Advanced Packaging Conference, which event organizers are holding in conjunction with Electronica. „This technical conference is an important forum for discussing the latest developments in packaging technology,“ the company said. „We look forward to meeting you at Electronica 2022 and sharing our latest innovations with you.“ 

The company shared the following information about the technologies it will have on show at the fair. 

Neptune C+

„Most optical systems use UV light to inspect the surface for presence and gauges to measure material thickness in a particular spot, which does not provide the accuracy and repeatability needed. Inspecting transparent materials proved to be a challenge for traditional laser-confocal or electron microscope systems that only measure three-dimensional shapes. Koh Young’s revolutionary Neptune C+ delivers the ultimate solution to these challenges.“

Neptune T

„The Neptune T is the world’s first 3D optical measurement instrument for transparent materials. It is available for coating, underfill, epoxy, glue, and bonding material inspection. With its patented L.I.F.T. technology, the Neptune T provides accurate thickness measurement of even the most transparent materials. The system allows manufacturers to explore depths of its process and accurately identify defects with 2D, 3D, and cross-section views.

„Koh Young offers a full range of inspection solutions for advanced packaging and mini- and micro-LED applications.“ 

Meister D

„The Meister D is a perfect solution for production-speed 3D inspection of die and small MLCCs using an integrated measurement tool with defect analysis software based on advanced optics and AI engines. The system inspects micro cracks, chips, foreign material, and more.“

Meister S

„The Meister S has been qualified for mass production by major semiconductor foundries and Mini/Micro-LED companies for micro solder inspection with superior full 3D inspection performance. Combining innovative vision algorithms and highresolution optics, the Meister S goes beyond micro solder paste inspection, but also a proven solution for Flux inspection.

„Additionally, we will present our flagship AOI (Zenith 2) and SPI (aSPIre 3) to show attendees. We offer the opportunity to discover the industry´s best performing True 3D inspection solutions.“

Zenith 2

„The AOI sets new standards with novel SMT process management tools by combining advanced vision algorithms with innovative highresolution optics, allowing a wider inspection coverage including advanced tall component inspection. The Zenith 2 delivers clear and concise AOI measurement to accurately identify multiple defects such as missing solder, offset, polarity, upside down, OCV/OCR, solder fillet, billboarding, lifted lead, lifted body, tombstone, bridging, and more.“

aSPIre 3

„The SPI delivers the highest standard in the metrology level True 3D SPI market, ensuring incomparable performance for the most demanding applications. The inspection system uses our AI platform for print process optimization with the award-winning Koh Young Process Optimizer (KPO).“ 

If you cannot attend the tradeshow, you can learn more about the company and its inspection solution technologies, including our updated website at: 


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