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Aqueous-based scrubber technology
Variety of reflow technologies at SMTconnect

BTU International, Inc., a supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing and alternative energy markets, will exhibit at...

Real time temperature profiling
Vapor phase soldering at SMTconnect

IBL Technologies, LLC announced plans to exhibit at SMTconnect, scheduled to take place in Nuremberg, Germany. Company representatives will discuss the BLC 420...

Covering the cyber physical system field
New era of full process optimization

Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH, is a leading company in the area of Smart Factory. As manufacturer and...

Streamlining material handling
Smart storage systems at SMTconnect

Inovaxe is pleased to announce plans to exhibit with SmartRep Germany and Panasonic at SMTconnect, scheduled to take place in Nuremberg, Germany. The company...

Simply connect, power on and produce
Perfect start into automated selective soldering

Seho Systems GmbH, a manufacturer of complete solutions for soldering processes and automated production lines, will exhibit at SMTconnect, scheduled to take...

Industry 4.0 for inspection in the electronics industry
Capabilities and limitations of AXI and 3D AOI

In a connected smart factory, all machines and systems essentially become smart sensors, collecting all possible data from the production line and the boards...

Reliable protection for electronics
Offering flexible and versatile types of dryers

There are dryers, and there are “dryers” – especially in the electronics manufacturing industry. “Dryer” should be understood as an umbrella term for...

No moisture should be left even beneath low-standoff parts
The high importance of drying in PCBA cleaning

There are four steps to successfully clean printed circuit boards assemblies (PCBA). The wet, scrub and rinse operations are obvious. Wet the board with a pure...

Process tracking and traceability across all lines
Reflow quality and cost improvements

Calsonic Kansei is a multinational automotive parts manufacturer with its own branded OEM products. Their main production focus is on quality, closely followed...

Adapting towards the speed and trends of technology
Interview with Managing Director of IPTE

Founded in 1992, the Belgium company, IPTE Factory Automation, is now located worldwide, with offices throughout Europe, Americas, as well as Asia, with over...

The future of technology coming together
IPC Apex Expo 2019

With increasing board complexity, deciphering through large amounts of data, communication between machines, and the growing development of automatic...

ADAS take advantage of the flexible, small form factor approach
Solder paste attributes for SiP assembly

Due to the rapid development of internet-of-things (IoT) edge devices, the industry has seen a surge in demand for system-in-package (SiP) assemblies, which...

Timely fault detection in tightest spaces
An inspection system for THT component testing

Written off for dead yet still alive and kicking: THT components (Through Hole Technology) simply can’t be replaced. This can be seen in the manufacturing of...

What the digital age is all about
Fuji Innovation Days – All about Smart Factory

With the theme “All about Smart Factory”, the Innovation Day in Kelsterbach by Fuji Europe Corporation was innovative and varied with extensive topics. It...

Accelerated mechanical fatigue interconnect test
A rapid test for reliability of heavy wire bonds

In modern power electronics, an enormous number of heavy wire bonds are used, which ideally withstand high thermal alternating loads for many years. Therefore...

The future of electronics is certain
electronica 2018 exceeds all expectations

The electronic industry has increased exponentially as everything is now made up of electronics. Several innovative waves have rolled into the industry, as new...

Forward thinking ideas shape the future of tomorrow
Christian Koenen Technology Day

With the focus on “Innovative ideas for today, and for the demands of tomorrow”, Christian Koenen GmbH had an informative Technology Day at their...

Chemistry for reliable production and assembly operations
Aqueous assembly cleaner at SMTconnect

Kyzen, a supplier of innovative environmentally friendly cleaning chemistries, will exhibit at SMTconnect, scheduled to take place May 7–9, 2019 at the...

Improved structural and gantry rigidity for robustness
Robotic coating and dispensing systems

PVA, a global expert in dispensing, coating and custom automation, will exhibit at SMTconnect, scheduled to take place May 7–9, 2019 at the NurnbergMesse...

Professional, reliable, versatile
Inspection solutions and software at SMTconnect

Thirty-five years of experience in assembly inspection are reflected not only in top-quality inspection and outstanding speed of Viscom‘s inspection systems...

Committing to the region’s electronics industry
Opening of technical & application center in Taiwan

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions officially opened a Global Development Application Center (“GDAC”) in Taiwan in March 2019. Scot Benson, President...

Meeting the needs of all electronic requirements
European launch of UV cure coatings

Seven next generation UV cure conformal coating products will be launched for the first time in Europe at the SMTConnect show in Nuremberg, hosted at...

Air cleaning starts with capturing
Fume extraction devices for manual workstations

“Efficient capturing of airborne pollutants” is the central subject of ULT’s trade show appearance at SMTconnect 2019.
The vendor of fume extraction...

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