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No splicing or complex routing needed
Cut tape solution for PCB assembly

Feeder Finger, a division of Automation Technical Services, offers cut tape solutions for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. The company has productivity...

Increasing sales for the electronics industry
Expanding the team across Europe

IPTE, a supplier of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, expands its sales activities in four European regions. A new...

Journeying through Technology Islands
The next generation of electronics manufacturing

“Diverse, exciting, entertaining” – this is the unanimous conclusion of the Rehm Technology Days in Blaubeuren. “Once again, we really thought about...

Total line installation for the UK
Complete surface-mount assembly

Yamaha Motor Europe IM Division has announced a major order for a complete surface-mount assembly line from Control Techniques, part of the Nidec Group...

Hidden structures clearly revealed
Fast in-line x-ray secures long-lasting quality

High-quality systems for automatic optical inspection (AOI) of electronic assemblies offer as standard features both high throughput and 3D. For hidden solder...

6th ULT Symposium
Air handling of new technologies

Effective air handling technologies are very important to many industries, not only for the purposes of the quality of products, but also for the safety of...

System integration in microelectronics continues to stay strong
SMT Hybrid Packaging with its new name in 2019

Located in Germany, the city of Nuremberg is known for many things, including the meeting point for the microelectronic industry. 434 exhibitors demonstrated...

Accurate inspection hardware, self-programming software, and reliable data
Driving M2M communication

Long-term accuracy and stability of assembly equipment and the data transmitted to other assembly equipment are keys to M2M communication. This is especially...

First-class safety and reliability – for the entire life of the aircraft
Conventional condensation soldering for longevity

When boarding an aircraft, very few people think about how sophisticated and complex the technology is. Safety and reliability is taken for granted, as these...

Effects of different temperature, melting times, and cooling rate
Reflow profile vs. solder structure at the joint

In today’s SMT circuit assembly, lead-free tin-silver-copper (SAC) alloy composition solder pastes, such as Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu (SAC305), are commonly used. The...

Process and Materials Interaction investigation (PMI)
Testing for electrochemical consistency

There are several methods accepted for determining the electrochemical reliability for electronic assemblies. These procedures are typically designed to either...

Partners for energy
Creating a better and safer world

As an expert for power stability, NR Electric (NR), headquartered in the Chinese city of Nanjing, specializes in comprehensive solutions for power generation...

Using light-activated epoxy resin for reliable sealing
Putting pedal to the metal with adhesives

They are the secret stars of many technical products. Whether in the automotive sector, mechanical engineering, white goods or tools: Microswitches that...

Creating visibility and control of potential causes for final production
Digging deeper into manufacturing execution systems

The top level of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) deliver benefits in the factory, coinciding with business goals and requirements, and managing the flow...

Innovating test & measurement for the semiconductor industry
Testing platforms adapts to evolving requirements

The rapid pace of development in the electronics industry requires companies to be very responsive and adaptable to the dynamic landscape of innovations and...

Touch-safe device outlet for power electronics with high levels of EMC safety
Power male connector with pluggable shield connecting plate

With the Omnimate Power SLF 7.62HP SH male connector, Weidmüller is offering an innovative solution with a pluggable shield connecting plate for a touch-safe...

Higher requirements for thermal load and temperatures
How to improve soldering tip life and reduce cost

Whether in production, or repair and rework, the cost of soldering iron tips can be easily overlooked, but with today’s requirement for higher temperatures...

Further developing concept for vehicle interiors
Provider of LED solutions joins lighting alliance

Osram Opto Semiconductors, a global semiconductor manufacturer and provider of LED solutions, has joined the ISELED Alliance. This lighting alliance was...

Loading and unloading of PCBs onto router
Automated depaneling system with dual arm robot

Seika Machinery, Inc., a provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, announced the introduction of its automated Sayaka PCB router with...

Strong adhesion without hazardous substances
Gold conductor paste with ability for etching

Heraeus Electronics has developed a new thick film gold conductor paste that avoids lead and cadmium. Specially matched ingredients also ensure a denser fired...

Guaranteeing cleanliness by avoiding human contact
Automated wafer X-ray inspection system

Nordson Dage, a division of Nordson Corporation, announces the launch of Quadra W8, a versatile lab-based solution for wafer-level inspection offering high...

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