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LED applications
Launching of DMS for UV LED applications

Thermal management innovator, Cambridge Nanotherm, announces the launch of Nanotherm DMS, a direct-metallised single-sided thermal management solution that...

Alternatives to the ozone-depleting HCFC-225 as global phase-out is completed
Search for environment-friendly, efficient substitute

The phase-out of the last major ozone-depleting solvent, HCFC-225, finally has been completed. In addition, in many parts of the world, the regulatory pressure...

Issues with conformal coating of board assemblies after introduction of lead-free operation
Plasma treatment virtually eliminated adhesion problems

When a manufacturer who made sensor circuits for the oil and gas industry changed to a lead-free process to comply with RoHS standards, the manufacturing team...

Quality is multidimensional
Solder paste stencils in focus

The ever-rising demands on quality can be seen in solder paste stencils and cutting elements. An application team, from the laser specialist company LPKF...

Simply bringing color into the business
30-year anniversary for Vapor Phase Manufacturer

IBL-Löttechnik GmbH (IBL-Technologies LLC) from Königsbrunn, Germany has recently celebrated their 30th year anniversary in the vapor phase industry. With...

Fuji Open House 2016
The Spirit of 25 Years of Innovation

With a 2-day celebration in Wiesbaden, Germany, Fuji Machine Europe commemorated their 25-year mark with 250 clients and partners at the Fuji Open House. With...

Ersa launches country specific Technology seminar
All about selective soldering

With the help of their long-term sales partner Interflux Denmark, Ersa started a successful Technology seminar that occurred on the 23rd and 24th of January...

Reflecting changes in manufacturing landscape
2. InnovationsFORUM Hungary

From the keynote through each and every presentation, the 2017 InnovationsFORUM Hungary, held on May 25th at the Hungarian Academy of Science in Budapest...

Leading the way to Industry 4.0 with optimized automation
A quantum leap towards the factory of the future

Electronics manufacturers are constantly seeking better ways to optimize, efficiently monitor, and control their manufacturing processes. Koh Young...

Small is beautiful: Aros electronics shows how it‘s done
Smart electronics production

With only a single SMT line on which it produces highly specialized drive controllers in tiny batches, Aros electronics in Gothenburg, Sweden, is not the kind...

The right balance of human qualities and advanced automation
Advanced technology

Tuscan Manufacturing Services Specialist, MB Elettronica, has consistently chosen Yamaha SMT equipment to provide a technological edge that complements the...

Advanced manufacturing process for mixed-product technology boards can minimize soldering defects by 95%
Solder fortification with preforms for better pin-in-paste joints

Although many have predicted the demise of through-hole components, they are alive and well with tens of billions parts assembled each year. In many cases...

Challenging traditional pull testers
Economical testing equipment

F&S Bondtec Semiconductor GmbH from Austria’s Braunau is breaking with tradition in the industry and taking a completely novel direction in its product...

Viscom presentation at InnovationsFORUM Hungary 2017, Budapest
Electronics production in Europe

In the medium term, only those electronics producers that meet the highest quality requirements and optimize their production processes will stay in business.

KohYoung presentation at InnovationsFORUM Hungary 2017, Budapest
Zero defect production in the course of time

In order to avoid the defects in production someone must know, very precisely, the individual process steps and their tolerances.<!-more--> Only the very...

Indium presentation at InnovationsFORUM Hungary 2017, Budapest
Minimizing QFN voiding during SMT assembly

Low-standoff components, such as QFNs, are proliferating in electronics due to their increased functionality as well as lower cost.

Ersa presentation at InnovationsFORUM Hungary 2017, Budapest
Zero-defect strategy – feasible or wishful thinking?

One major growth motor in the electronics industry is the increasing digital networks in both the industrial and private sectors, including the automotive...

Christian Koenen presentation at InnovationsFORUM Hungary 2017, Budapest
HighTech stencil material

"Quality is never an accident; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." This quotation by William A. Foster aptly describes today‘s requirements...

PCB cleaner
Demonstrating greener PCB cleaning

MicroCare Europe bvba, producer of critical cleaning fluids for the electronics industry, will showcase a radically new cleaning chemistry at the SMT Hybrid...

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