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Board Test in a repair depot: Bridging past and future
Challenges for the test manager

If a test manager, after years of experience in a production environment, moves to operate in a depot repair site, he will have to review almost all of his...

Reliability testing of flexible electronics, in situ
Quantitative information advances device design

Researcher Dr Dario Gastaldi has found confocal laser scanning microscopy yields many advantages in his investigations into flexible electronics. Through in...

How inspection advancements have changed the manufacturing process
Meet the challenge microelectronics

Each new generation of product must outperform its predecessors, in smaller package sizes and without significant increase in costs. As the size of devices...

Wireless sensor network streamlines semiconductor manufacturing operations
Increased output

Semiconductor companies carefully manage their semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities (fabs) to maximize uptime, yield and throughput. Plant operations...

Georg Fischer chooses display adhesive made by Delo
Transmitter for field use

Electronic equipment for fluid and gas pipes has to be extremely resistant to adverse conditions. Georg Fischer has chosen to use Delo display adhesive for a...

Making the move from machine monitoring to smart manufacturing
The implications on profiling systems

It is hard to open an Industry newsletter or visit an equipment manufacturer’s website without coming across a mention of the Internet of Things (IoT)...

Back to the future for cost-effective electronics cleaning with revisited vapor degreasing technology
System provides build-in solvent purification and recycling

For decades, vapor degreasing was the cleaning technology of choice in the precision and finishing industries. This came to an end in the 1990s, when the ozone...

Scientific prototyping with lasers
Easy-to-use laboratory processes

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is setting new standards with its easy-to-use, chemical-free laboratory processes for PCB prototyping. Now the Garbsen...

Practical tips in implementing the Pin-in-Paste (PiP) process in the SMT assembly
Wave soldering successfully replaced

Printed circuit assemblies (PCAs) can be very complex. They are often assembled using double-sided SMT reflow processes, and a subsequent wave soldering...

Enabling Industry 4.0 and “The Business of Perfection”
World-class integrated factory

This paper explores the path TBP took to arrive at their exceptional level of MES system integration throughout their factory. It first explores the business...

Chosing a reliable solution needs important points to consider
What is solder paste?

Solder paste is a mixture of metal powder and flux. Both main ingredients will determine for which application a particular solder paste is suitable. Metal...

Automated electronics manufacturing helps to get big added value
With high-tech equipment to top-class performance

To create and utilize advantages in a highly competitive industrial environment, a company should very carefully listen to its customers, and respond rapidly...

European largest EMS Zollner with a new plant in Costa Rica
Globally consistent strategy for continued growth

Competing with globally and successful companies requires a continuous supply of initiatives, ideas and concepts. One of the companies that stands its ground...


InnovationsForum, to be held at the Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, June 16th 2016.

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