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Characterization of detection analysis with AOI system
Specialist of 3D solder joint inspection

Key Target for SMT Manufactures is to provide efficient manufacturing process with resulting High First Pass Yields. Lean manufacturing with good strategy for...

Taking the next step in the PCB world with a new test device
Managing zero defects?

Zero defects means never delivering a defective product to a customer. Manufacturers of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are doing absolutely everything in their...

How do I deal with the EMC characteristics of an IC?
New test methods

Apart from the layout and housing design, the characteristics of the ICs used play a key role for the EMC characteristics of devices. Reducing the size of the...

ASM Assembly Systems at the Productronica 2015
An unrivaled showcase of innovations

New placement modules, tapeless feeders, new screen printers and the first expert system that optimizes SMT processes automatically. At Productronica 2015...

How trends to even smaller and more advanced electronics devices affects the optimization of reflow soldering profiles
How do manage what you cannot reliably measure?

To produce electronic PCB assemblies without a known thermal profile is detrimental, as you “cannot manage what you do not measure’. Without an verified...

Effects of out-of-tolerance printing machine parts are cumulative and reflect accuracy and repeatability of the critical process
Higher accuracy for new-generation equipment

Stencil printing requires a higher degree of equipment accuracy than ever before, as precision becomes increasingly difficult to maintain when higher speeds...

Value, reduced costs and eliminated risk on the shop floor
The truly paperless factory

People’s perception of what constitutes the paperless shop floor may vary from individual to individual and indeed from company to company, but if you are...

Sailing is back in fashion – now even on the road!
Sustainable soldering

With innovative electronics, Eberspächer Controls and Rehm Thermal Systems have created new developments and sustainable solutions for the automotive industry.

Maximize the production of miniature and fragile components by avoiding inflexible cleaning processes
When washing becomes a mission-critical application

Critical cleaning processes are found in many industries. But one common characteristic that defines “critical cleaning” is the recognition that if the...

Impressive reduction in maintenance of the reflow oven
Catalytic thermal oxidizer keeps clean

The Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer (CATHOX) is an advanced system for keeping SMT reflow ovens clean and free of contamination. A nanomaterial-based catalyst...

The smart way to combine additive manufacturing and mass production
Screen and stencil printing goes 3D

Since miniaturisation and efficiency became keywords of modern technologies, manufacturers have to face steadily increasing requirements that are often hard...

First in the inspection world: The shifting industry paradigm with 3D measurement
A complete 3D inspection solution

Koh Young Technology, the leading supplier in the SMT inspection market, now offers a total 3D inspection and process optimization solution. It has been...

Celebrating anniversary with plenty of innovations
40 years of productronica

productronica takes place in Munich from November 10 – 13, 2015. The world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production sets new...

Dear Readers,

Have you ever heard of “Augmented Reality (AR)”? Maybe from your kids or your favorite car maker – AR has already been used for quite some time in a...

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