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Global sales VP

Vi Technology is pleased to announce the promotion of Jean-Marc Peallat to the position of Global Sales VP. CEO François Amblard has appointed him to manage...

Neways intends to acquire BuS Group

Neways Electronics International N.V. announces today that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire 100% of the outstanding shares of BuS Holding GmbH (BuS...

Mark Stansfield, founder of Solderstar, talked about the company and it’s target
Full controlled soldering process

Solderstar was founded by Mark Stansfield and Patrick McWiggin in July 2002, Mark a Software Engineer and Patrick an Electronics Design Engineer. The...

Overdrive functionality for varying requirements without reconfiguring the entire manufacturing line
Achieving higher productivity through flexibility

Electronics manufacturing and assembly environment is under pressure: profit margins are narrow; up-time is key to productivity and profit. And at the same...

Multilayer printing enables compact high-performance electronics
Trend reversal in manufacture

Printed electronics using conductive paste represents a trend reversal in electronics manufacture: new product features, new functions and simplified...

PCB layout and its effect on the quality of solder joints
Assured selective soldering process

Modern power electronics is the key to energy efficiency. Viewed against the background of ever increasing prices for raw materials and energy, and the limited...

Process promises large scale cost savings for PCB manufacturers
Minimized risk of contamination

Traditional methods of PCB production are not as cost effective or environmentally friendly as they could be as they use substantial amounts of power and...

Manage decentralized electronic product design and manufacturing
Centralize the knowledge

The demand for automobiles has been on the rise in the emerging economies of Asia and South America, which means new markets for the world’s automotive parts...

When intelligent device programming is mission-critical
Key advantages for electronics

Today’s production managers are under tremendous pressure to do more with less, maximize profits and maintain the highest quality standards. Companies that...

SMT Hybrid Packaging in Nuremberg May 6 to 8 together with the Electronic Circuits World Convention
Joint forces in exhibition and conference

The upcoming SMT Hybrid Packaging, taking place from May 6 to 8 in Nuremberg/Germany, looks set to achieve last year’s excellent results, as executive...

SPI inspection techniques in the SMT line
The new paradigms

It is well accepted that a high proportion of the defects generated in an SMD line can be attributed to the print process. If these defects can detected...

Function tests of PCBs using IR temperature measurement
Thermal behavior optimized

More and more manufacturers of electronic components and circuit boards turn to the use of non-contact temperature measurement due to the increasing...

Integrative system for flexibility and investment protection
Manual Assembly 3.0

In recent years hardly any process in the factory has gained so much importance as manual assembly. Previously, a solution for small series or series start-up...

Selective soldering with a minimum flux amount
Potential methods for good solder joint

Three ingredients are required to make a good solder joint: solder, clean metal surfaces to connect and heat. In a selective soldering process all three have a...

Save electricity and other valuable and costly resources by using environmentally acceptable cleaning solvents
Reducing energy costs with vapor degreasing

In the electronics product finishing world, there are four common precision cleaning processes: hydrocarbon, aqueous, semi-aqueous, and vapor degreasing. Each...

Back doors and open solutions

Industry 4.0 is on the way to becoming a fancy buzzword, as this project of the German government is believed to increasingly enable the computerization of...

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