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Strategic business alliance

Colliers International, the world’s third largest commercial real estate services organization, and Atreg (Advanced Technology Resource Group), Colliers’...

Focus on green technologies

Seika Machinery, Inc., a provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, highlighted its green technologies and presented the award-winning...

Plastics specialist backs renewable raw materials
The view on natural polyols

Rampf Giessharze GmbH & Co. KG based in Grafenberg continues to prepare for the future. By the year 2013, the plastics specialist aims to manufacture the...

Sales office opens in France

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is expanding its international presence and has now opened a sales office in France. Based in the capital city of Paris...

Success over the last 25 years

With a brand new start in the year 2011, Dima Group in the Netherlands has reached it’s 25th anniversary. Mr. Ad van Dinter and his wife Mrs. Jacky van...

WK Lee, CEO ASMPT, & Günter Lauber, CEO ASM Assembly Systems talked to EPP Europe, Germany
Growth-oriented acquisition

The ASM Pacific Technologies group with headquarters in Singapore produces and markets machines for front-end and back-end assembly iand semiconductor...

Evolution of LXI Hybrid Applications
Efficient testing

In the Test and Measurement Ecosystem, there are many platforms such like GPIB, VXI, PCI, PXI, and LXI. All of them have their application niches and more...

Sensor system ensures optimal heat sink efficiency
Quick and precise test

Computers get very hot! Heat sinks need to efficiently conduct heat away from the electronic components that generate this heat. The Tactilus heat-sink...

In-Circuit Test – 30 years on, and still standing strong
Powerful tool

For nay-sayers who about a decade ago, started doubting the viability of in-circuit test as a business, the author drills down for an in-depth look at a...

Plextek utilises JTAG/Boundary Scan Technology
High test coverage to ensure best quality

Plextek, an electronics design consultancies, provides innovative design of complex communication systems and devices for a wide range of companies and also...

Optimizing test yield

Multitest, a designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, contactors and load boards used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and final test...

Thin layer of UV curable fluid applying to a glass panel
Full controlled dispensing

The challenge was to apply a thin layer of a UV curable fluid to a glass panel for the process of manufacturing LCD display panels. The fluid delivery system...

Novel thin-film crystalline Si solar cell approaches
Cutting down costs

For years, the PV industry is being dominated by crystalline Si solar cells, with a market share of about 85 % of the total world solar cell production in...

Rounding out the range of semi-automatic wirebonders
Entry-level model

There are many different models of manual wire bonders on the market, ranging from very simple, frugal models for the occasional trial bond up to...

Selective soldering solutions

Seho Systems announces that it is to highlight its comprehensive range of selective soldering solutions. The GoSelective and SelectiveLine offer an...

Realization of the biggest four-legged walking robot in the world
Tradition and innovation

The main driving force for the developers of the Zollner Elektronik AG was to produce a radio remote-controlled, four-legged walking robot of an unprecedented...

Halogen-free solder pastes – their influence on SMT assembly cleaning
Towards green electronics

There is a clear trend in the electronics industry towards greener, more environmentally friendly products. In particular, EU legislation as well as...

Cleaning at the board level equals yield improvement
Anticontamination strategy

Electronics manufacturers face multiple challenges and are constantly under pressure to improve quality, increase yields, increase profitability and reduce...

Professional solder paste softening in the field
Automated handling

On the SMD-application line of the Fraunhofer Institute for silicon technology (ISIT) the solder paste softener, SPS, from Malcom has been successfully...

Contract manufacturers need highest quality from high-mix production
Low lifecycle costs

Contract manufacturers face new challenges daily, never sure what new components or production volumes their OEM customers will present next. High quality is...

Reliable contacting of lead free soldered or contaminated boards
Always reliably

Testing lead free soldered pads or strongly contaminated or oxidized boards often leads to contacting problems, because the different contamination or oxide...

The benefit of IPC Standards in the production chain, Part 1
Electronic-design and CAD

For more than 50 years, IPC has developed industry standards for the production of electronic hardware. After having been long considered North American...

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