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FCT Solder, a division of FCT Assembly and an authorized Licensee of Nihon Superior´s SN100C product line, exhibits at Productronica. FCT Solder invites...

Viscom celebrates anniversary
25 years top quality in inspection technology

Viscom AG celebrated its anniversary in October 2009. For 25 years, the company has developed and produced inspection systems in Hanover. With innovative...

Thermal process specialist
Branch in Singapore for SMT Wertheim

Daniel Schneider is head of the newly opened branch of thermal process specialist SMT in Singapore. SMT-AP Pte. Ltd. will sell the whole SMT product range...

Macleod appointed President and CEO

National Semiconductor announced that Brian L. Halla will retire as chief executive officer effective Nov. 30, 2009. He will remain executive chairman of the...

Kirsten: Major distributor changes

Kirsten Soldering AG of Cham, Switzerland has made some significant changes to its distributor network in Europe. Following the appointment of STPE in France...

Well prepared for the coming years
Asys doubles production area

With the extension of their plant at Dornstadt, Germany, Asys doubled its production area. Klaus Mang and Werner Kreibl, both founders and general managers of...

Optimized AOI system

With the S3088-III, Viscom brings the newest version of the S3088 system family to the market. This AOI system is optimized for fast, highly accurate solder...

Solder paste inspection included

According to Speedprint Technology, the SP210avi Printer has still the smallest footprint in the market with the highest level of capability and quality. It is...

Sorts out the right echoes

Sonoscan has unveiled some of the details that enable its powerful new software tool to perform acoustic imaging to identify anomalies and defects in stacked...

Shadow free inspection

The new SPI Inline Model HS70 guarantees much better accuracy with 10 x 10µm, than the general SPI resolution of 20 x 20µm. This new high resolution is...

AOI and In-Line SPI System

The fully configured MV-7xi In-Line AOI System provides one super high resolution colour digital top down camera and four of the same fitted as side-view...

The 24th European PVSEC closed with new record figures
Solar industry: Grid parity comes into reach

Despite the crisis arrived in the PV industry with a lag of time mid of 2009 the 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Hamburg...

End to end software suite

Dynamix is a complete assembly production software suite designed to integrate solutions that will assist manufacturer’s in the design, planning, monitoring...

Advanced contact cleaning system

Nanocleen offers unrivalled contamination elimination and static control benefits in the electronics production environment. This contact cleaning system made...

Trio of profiling products

Solderstar will debut three new products at the Productronica Exhibition. First, is a new dedicated system for Vapour Phase profiling, the VP4000 allows users...

Optimizing soldering joints

Vacuum plus is a new system for optimising soldering joints. Besides the integration in an SMT Reflow Soldering System the autonomous module can be retrofitted...

Reducing reflow oven electricity

KIC will showcase technologies that have proven to reduce electricity use in reflow ovens by up to 15%. The Navigator Power software enables users to search on...

High Speed Flexible Mounter

Juki will showcase its entry-level KE-2060 Light. Providing a cost-effective option for today’s manufacturers, this High Speed Flexible Mounter features a...

Vacuum packaging machine

Hoang-PVM's Plusvac 23/24 is a vacuum machine for packaging-application of Electronic components. It is suitable for all usual construction unit spectra such...

Green and clean

Friendly green wipes is a perfect “green” drop-in replacement to Kimwipes, which contain little or no recycled resources. The wipes are low linting, very...

ESD Badge Holder

The material for all of Menda’s ESD Badge Holders are made with a proprietary compound made exclusively for Desco Industries with inherent ESD properties...

Reworkable Underfill for POP

Zymet has introduced a new reworkable underfill encapsulant designed to underfill Package-on-Package (POP) assemblies. Compared to earlier generation...

New family of solders

First in the line up is i-SAC 387 Solder, with the addition of Cobalt. The melting characteristic of silver containing alloys has been improved with the...

Estimating stencil life and ideal heating profile of solder paste:
Application of advanced thermo-gravimetric analysis

At this year´s APEX the authors presented their IPC-awarded study on solder paste life time and the impact of standard production environments. The results...

Meeting the requirements of advanced processes
New process dawn for photovoltaics

Although suffering from the affects of a worldwide recession, today’s photovoltaic industry is slowing to a far lesser degree than its electronics assembly...

Placement performance and feeder capacity scale independently:
New Siplace SX offers Capacity on Demand

The current crisis shows that demand peaks and troughs follow each other in ever shorter intervals. Previously, electronics manufacturers had no tools for...

Loose piece crimping technology
Why turned loose piece terminals?

There are two basic types of terminals – banded terminals and loose piece terminals. Even though both types are crimped to connect them to the conductor of a...

Wha the use of a cheaper solder paste does not pay
The latest case of the profit sleuth

Indium Corporation's Senior Technologist, Dr. Ronald C. Lasky, is a straight shooter helping people keeping process performance on target. In his well known...

Material suppliers and machine manufacturer cooperate:
Free coating consultancy on Productronica

During Productronica in Munich Dima invites all visitors to come to their booth to learn more about Selective Conformal Coating. Leading coating material...

Increasing process demands exploit 2D AOI vulnerabilities
Eliminating false calls with 3D AOI technology

Manufacturing engineers using AOI are not concerned about the defects their machines find, but rather the escapes the machine does not catch. The consequences...

ILAN and Ethernet link measurement equipment to the test object
Fully integrated and easy-to-use solutions

In the test and measurement domain there has been an ongoing tendency towards ever more compact and cost-efficient solutions. The ILAN module technology by...

Automatic compensation and correction of changed characteristics
SMT: Dispensing independent of viscosity

In modern manufacturing sequences, at which the quantities to be dispensed decrease continual by reduced size of the components also smallest variations of the...

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