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Master Distributor

Production Solutions has entered into an OEM and distributor agreement with Speedline Technologies Asia., a global leader in process knowledge, services and...

Innovation guide

This years productronica show in Munich (November 11 - 13) will feature a special Innovation Guide, published in cooperation by Messe München and the...

Aqueous extends warranty

Aqueous Technologies increased the standard warranty on its award-winning Trident Series defluxing systems from one to three years. Aqueous´ President and CEO...

Bill Bader joins iNEMI as CEO

The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) today announced the appointment of Bill Bader as CEO of the consortium. Bader replaces Jim...

Essemtec now with Benelux subsidiary:
Adressing one of Europe´s major markets

Essemtec Switzerland´s new subsidiary Essemtec Benelux will be responsible for all activities of the Swiss SMT equipment supplier regarding Belgium...

California PV-manufacturer strengthens european presence
Solyndra looks to reshape european solar

Solyndra, California manufacturer of photovoltaic systems for commercial rooftops, strengthens its european presence. The company’s European headquarters...

Europe’s Photovoltaic Industry pushes for global standards
„Europe has a real chance to set standards“

„To strengthen Europe’s number one position in the solar industry, it is important that innovations continue to come from here. This is how we can ensure...

Comments & Editorials
Towards grid parity

The photovoltaics market is only a small part of the overall global energy market. However, in contrast to the global economic downturn and its fatal impact on...

Managing Director of BTU Europe, Peter Franklin:
Sunny future in the photovoltaic industry

Known as supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics assembly industry, BTU is also a supplier of advanced thermal processing...

Selected as robotics partner

Adept Technology, a leading provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics and global robotics services, has partnered with Castec of Taiwan and Innovation...

America’s rooftops will begin to resemble those of Europe
The U.S. drifts toward rooftop solar

Anyone traveling in the United States will quickly notice the general absence of solar power installations on residences or small businesses in most areas...

Exaklean available in Europe

Kyzen announced the European rollout of Exaklean. Specifically designed for cost-sensitive operations, the new product line will include many of the Lonox...

No-Clean Gel Flux

EasySpheres LLC highlights RF741 No-Clean Gel Flux designed for electronic component rework and repair applications. The high-viscosity flux has a gel-like...

Device handler covers production bandwidth
Today and tomorrow

In good and bad times device manufacturers need to continually cut costs to maintain profitability and stay ahead in the market place. Offering devices...

New from F&K Delvotec Austria:
Automatically better test results

F&K Delvotec extended its Series 56xx bonder and tester by an automatic test head with built-in targeting camera. This makes it possible to perform pull...

Broken wafer edges? The Inspector investigates!
Solar cells: wafer-thin and sensitive

Optimised processes and increased productivity are the aims achieved by a producer of solar cells by using the Inspector 2D vision sensor. The easily...

X-ray fluorescence in thin film solar cell manufacturing:
Improving cell efficiency and production yield

Production quality of thin film solar cells can be accurately and precisely monitored using the X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) methodology. Specifically tailored...

Bonding technology has miscellaneous advantages in production
Thin-film solar cells are gaining ground

Thin-film technology is high in demand as it promises cost advantages and already provide excellent results while reaching acceptable efficiencies. By 2010 the...

Avoiding mismatch in PoP assembly:
New acoustic method examines warped BGAs

Package-on-package (PoP) assemblies, and in particular PoPs in which both members are BGAs, are becoming more widely used. PoPs offer many of the space-saving...

Simultaneous Lead and Lead-Free Soldering with a Single Reflow System
Parallel Processes

Bans on the use of substances set forth by RoHS have become daily routine in manufacturing facilities around the world. A few temporary exceptions to the ban...

Recycling of the produced solder dross
Full control

Environmentally responsible EMS provider Celestica, teamed up with solder dross recovery solutions provider EVS International to support their ISO14001...

R&D Technical Services Vice President Ray Willett:
Rework with vapour phase system

In a mature marketplace it is extremely rewarding when a completely new product comes along, especially when it is a revolutionary answer to an age old issue...

Startling results from reliability testing
Lead free soldering is far from problem free

Since the EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive – adopted in 2003 – banned lead in electronics products intended for the EU’s...

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