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Andy Jones, UK General Sales Manager, Blakell Europlacer:
Wide range of products

Blakell Europlacer expanded its sales operation into distribution in 2006, building on their core business as owners of the placement equipment manufacturer...

High-Performance AOI System

CyberOptics introduced its Flex HR which is an enhanced resolution AOI system with inspection performance for 01005 components and larger. As one of the...

Placement force drives quality

Cetaq developed a measuring device to exactly gauge even the most miniscule press-on force occurring during the automated component placement operation. A...

Validating a process before production means a better solution than rework
Analytical methods for BGA evaluation

Ball grid arrays (BGAs) have become quite common on printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies, which, in turn, opens up a new world of failure modes and...

R&D is pushing miniaturization technologies
Printed boards in times of 3D silicon integration

While the global electronics industrie suffers from the financial and economic crisis, Moore´s law still is driving electronics to further miniaturization ...

Michael Konrad, President of Aqueous Technologies:
Defluxing Déjà vu

While the origin of the phrase „may you live in interesting times“ is widely disputed, the fact that we do indeed live in an interesting time is certainly...

Endangered components on the test bench
Lead-free reflow soldering

In recent years, the production of RoHS compliant components has resulted in one of the most expansive material changeovers in the history of electronics. In...

No Compromises:
QFN Rework in OEM Quality

Desoldering QFN components is not much of a big deal. However, due to strongly varying residual solder amounts on the PCB, there are no defined conditions for...

People Global sales director

Henkel appointed Luc Godefroid as the company’s global sales director for its semiconductor group. A key member of the electronics sales team since 2001...

Two jet dispenser systems

Essemtec, the leading manufacturer of SMT production machines, introduces the CDS6200 with two Jet dispensers. The jet-dispensing technology allows...

NPL: Tin pest collaboration

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) are helping the electronics industry move to using lead-free solder alloys by researching how the...

May, 5th to 7th: SMT/Hybrid/Packaging in Nuremberg
Against the crisis: The industry shows its faith

Despite the global economic crisis the exhibitors are focusing on SMT/Hybrid/Packaging mainly for two reasons: To enhance brand awareness in the market and to...

IPC´s APEX Expo 2009: Incomplete family reunion in Las Vegas
„Meet the people that move the industry“

(Mostly) not gambling, but assembling- and all what´s needed to do this succesful - was in the attendees´ focus at 10th annual APEX Expo. IPC expected 12.000...

Managing the EMS relationship
How to outsource and get results

Rather than viewing outsourcing as a way to offload unwanted tasks, OEMs should select carefully and maintain a properly managed relationship with their chosen...

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