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Board test handling and automation tasks under constantly changing conditions
Three generations to multi-functionality

The current state of automation in board test is the result of ongoing efforts in the industry. Specialist company IPTE has developed, in continuous...

PCB contact insertion

Autosplice's MultiSert insertion platform is available in single or dual-head versions, and can be configured for either stand-alone or in-line operation. With...

Siplace HF and C generations protect investments and provide more user benefits
Modular platform for more user benefits

Siemens Dematic Electronic Assembly Systems (SD EA), based in Munich/Germany, has launched the next generation of placement machines. The Siplace HF offers...

Advanced fume control system

Hazardous fumes and dust from wave soldering, laser marking and other processes are dealt with safely by the Purex Powerflow purification and extraction...

Ten useful steps to correct conformal coating of board assemblies
It all starts with the circuit design

In this praxis-based synopsis on conformal coating, we explain how a user can successfully implement and monitor this process technology in 10 steps on the...

Paste alloys featuring no-clean and lead-free: a contradiction in terms?
The reliability of silver-based solders

Studies regarding the climactic reliability of different lead-free solder pastes have revealed an increasing threat in ambient conditions. The application of...

Keys to competing with low-labor-cost regions: focus on automation and quality
Calculate and keep the benefits at home

Competing with low-cost labor regions for electronic and light mechanical assembly is a daunting challenge, but not an impossible one to overcome. Before...


Alphasem of Switzerland, supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and member of the Dover group, has appointed Claus Lichtenberg as president, and...


X-Tek Systems, supplier of X-ray equipment, has appointed Steve Hursey to the position of European sales manager. Formerly U.K. sales manager since joining in...


Orbotech has appointed company veterans Zohar Weizinger and Ofer Argov as co-presidents for its European facility. Mr. Weizinger was most recently VP of sales...

Electronica jubilee event could withstand the decline in business
A golden series of 20 promising global shows

An uninterrupted series of 20 successful shows and industry conferences in almost 40 years – that's indeed a fitting occasion for a look back in pride...

German Organization for the Electro and Electronics Industries quite optimistic
Single-digit growth, but regional shifts

Despite all the ambient noise and uncertainty in world markets, Dietmar Harting, president of the German ZVEI (Central Organization of the Electro and...

Board assembly equipment – Siplace management takes on the lead with innovations
Stronger position after global crisis

With two series of placement machines, Siemens Dematic has brought new Siplace equipment for both the mid-level and the highly flexible markets up to the...

SMT in Nuremberg from May 6 to 8 – almost untouched by the crisis?
Amid internationality and regional presence

Controlled optimism – such is the mood of the organizers of show and conference as well as the exhibitor committee of the upcoming SMT in Nuremberg, mainland...

Schlafhorst Electronics – from in-house manufacturer to modern service provider
A spin-off with long-lasting practice

Just recently, Schlafhorst Electronics (SE) celebrated its fifth anniversary. In 1997, through management buy-out, the partners Manfred Tillmann, Knut Richter...

Brief view of a tranquil Semicon Europa in Munich
Where has the upturn gone to?

Well, this was Munich´s Semicon Europa in the springtime: slow traffic, definitely not overcrowded, and even companies who were so proud – in the past –...


Vitronics Soltec has now delivered 1,000 Delta series wave-soldering ovens. Reportedly, these machines have built a worldwide reputation for high-volume...


Datacon in Radfeld/Austria will implement a program of measures leading to a tighter and more efficient organization and thus reduce costs. As well as...

Apex 2003 in Anaheim/LA – more uncertainties slowing the recovery
It all depends on where and what you produce

For a brief moment, ten days before its opening, it looked like Apex 2003 in spring wouldn't get off the ground. So pressing was the concern of prospective...

Process optimization

SPEA's Compass software for process optimization and quality data management in electronics manufacturing has been enhanced by the modules Schematics (wiring...

Benefits of cost-effective verification of board assemblies and hybrid modules
Who can afford not to test in production?

An affordable and economic board test system should meet different requirements: low investment cost, high performance in speed, accuracy and a variety of test...

Solder joint inspection in high mix/low volume – advancing with fewer cameras
Highest demands on verification strategy

In board assembly, there is a clear trend towards outsourcing the production process. Especially small and medium-sized companies, having specialized in a...

Test strategies in the modern SMT production line (part III)
Teamster for global manufacturing

The ever increasing pressures to reduce cost, increase quality and shorten time to market seems an unending task in board assembly. Test strategies can provide...

Precise needle correction on dual dispenserby use of own cartridge axes
Off-set irregularities aren’t longer an issue

The application of a dual dispenser is useful in optimizing cycle times. Schiller has eliminated the offset problem between the dispenser needles that is...

Z-positional bonding eliminates variations in different assembly materials
Answer to challenge of advanced packages

One of the often overlooked but very important assembly steps in packaging is the die bonding process. With the increased use of dies that require extremely...

Oracle integration

Frontline has integrated its engineering solution with the supply-chain management capabilities of the Oracle E-Business Suite for the PCB industry. The...

Transformer-adjustment module

With a transformer-adjustment module, the versatility of the odd-form placer SpeedMounter of IPTE can be increased, to allow the automated insertion of molded...

Dual-lane increases throughput

The Cookson Electronics' Camalot XyflexPro DLM (dual-lane multitasking) dispensing system minimizes head idle time by processing products in the opposite lane...


Keithley Instruments has publisched literature and application tutorials that support engineers and scientists developing nanoscale devices and technology...

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