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Morphology of ball bonds at ultra-fine pitch below 50mm in production control
Guidelines for quality must change

Ball-bond morphology has changed significantly in the past few years, driven by the trend toward finer pitch and denser packaging. Previously, the ball bond...

Test strategies in the modern SMT production line (part II)
Issues of fault coverage and quality

The ever increasing pressures to reduce cost, increase quality and shorten time to market seems an unending task in board assembly. Test strategies can provide...


Agilent has appointed FEASA Enterprises as its sales and support partner for the electronic manufacturing process test and inspection portfolio in the Republic...


Palomar has acquired the Fiber Automation Division of Axsys to form a photonics group. Patents and intellectual property relating to nano-positioning and fiber...


Construction of a larger facility for Vitronics Soltec has begun in Oosterhout, the Netherlands, not far from the company’s present location. The move was...


Teradyne Connection Systems Division, supplier of high-performance connectors, circuits, and electronic manufacturing services, and Kaparel (specialist in...


Austrian sensor and physical measurement technology specialist E+E Elektronik (part of the German Heidenhain group) is now certified according to ISO TS16949...


In the first quarter of its current business year, the HP spin-off Agilent achieved a minus of $369m, as CEO Ned Barnholt told. Sales was $1.4bn, almost the...


Keithley Instruments' environmental management system at its operations in Solon, Ohio, USA has been certified to be in compliance with the ISO 14001/1996...


Effective immediately, Geringer Halbleitertechnik has selected Quasys of Switzerland to represent and distribute their entire product portfolio in continental...


For the fourth consecutive year, Fortune magazine named National Instruments among the 100 best companies to work in the U.S. NI ranked number 53 on the list...

AOI software upgrade

GSI Lumonics' release of its application software for use with its SVS series of paste and component-placement inspection systems, version 4.7, has been...

Digital X-ray solution

The Dage digital X-ray inspection system, XiDAT, provides improved digital data processing, enhanced resolution, extensive greyscale definition and the Image...

Test on demand

Teradyne offers as service for users of Catalyst Tiger semiconductor testers performance on demand for digital and SoC/SiP devices, especially useful with...

Complex and lower-cost test equipment on the modern electronics shop floor
PXI leverages benefits of PCs technology

There is strong demand for higher throughput and lower cost test platforms. Many have encountered the surprising trend that the cost of test is approaching...

Visual BGA inspection on densely packed assemblies and its system requirements
Benefits of expertly engineered solutions

Visual BGA inspection systems provide a visual display of the solder balls used for area array packages. Such a system offers a natural image of the result of...

Wafer bump reflow system

BTU’s integrated wafer-bump reflow system can continuously process 200/300mm wafers. Consisting of a TCAS or Paragon furnace, featuring automated loader and...

Screen-printing RF antenna

In contactless smart cards and radio-frequency identification (RFID) labels, embedded RF antennas are used to establish a communication link. With DuPont’s...

Non-conductive wafer coatings

Epoxy Technology's Epo-Tek T3084-A2 is a wafer passivation material for semiconductor chips, formulated for environmental and mechanical protection of these...

System-in-a-package designs drive developments in advanced MCM technology
Big chance for technologies mixing

Multi-chip modules (MCMs) have been around for many years, and are continually evolving. In an MCM there are multiple bare dies mounted along with signal...

Dispensing of flip-chip underfill and other demanding or uncomplicated patterns
From glue deposition to packaging solutions

As a result of extensive research, Hesse & Knipps has released its next generation of dispensing technology equipment, the DJ 335. Besides typical...

High-volume reel-to-reel flip-chip assembly for efficient high-volume production
Solution breaks through barriers

With cost-effective substrates that are now available, flip-chip technology is conquering the volume market and making its mark as a future standard of...

Print head reduces waste

DEK has introduced the Low Volume ProFlow transfer head, reducing costs and enhancing the precision of high-accuracy paste print using very small quantities of...

Double-sided tooling support

Transition Automation introduced the Board-Lok instant fixture system. This reusable cartridge-style carrier enables finely spaced pin support nests to be...

Cleaning PCBs before paste printing helps getting higher yields
A step closer to more rework reduction

PCB manufacture finds board design and device sizes getting increasingly smaller, to the point where rework on some boards is almost impossible. At the same...

Fight the confusion: a useful comparison of SMD placement machine concepts
A right solution for every setting

For electronics manufacturers deciding to invest in SMD placement machine capability, cost of production (CoP) and operational flexibility are major...

Sensible management of the different processes in board test assures good results
Matching strategies for proof of quality

With increasingly dense boards, test departments are deploying more complex strategies to achieve the best coverage of potential defects. They must also meet...

Intertronic a Paris

Intertronic, the biennial Reed Expositions' France trade show, will take place this year from March 25 to 28 a Paris Expo show ground Porte de Versailles. As...

Double-digit increase for semiconductor sales forecasted
Does the rising tide lift all boats?

The U.S.-based Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) is projecting an industry recovery with double-digit growth over the next two years, as is assumed in...

Ten years of supplying effective solutions in test and manufacturing
Automation specialist on the global rise

"The outlook in Europe for this year and the following aren't exceptionally good nor bad. High-volume manufacturing is on its way to the South-East, especially...

Website on ceramic interconnect

Ceramic interconnect technology is finding wide use where cost, broadband and high-frequency performance, thermal management and stable properties are of key...

SMT website with additional services

In the one year of SMT in Focus, the website has presented additional services such as pages in the buyers guide section, various technical papers and, latest...

Report on thermal profiling

The NPL has launched a report on thermal profiling. It will assist all those companies that are soldering board, and they will find the code of practice...

Reports on stencil printing

Extensive research on stencil printing with lead-free solder paste is characterized using laser-scanning profiling techniques that have been developed by NPL...


Cobar, supplier of solder paste, flux and other soldering material, has brought Certificates Of Compliance (COCs) online via its website. While COCs are...

American PCB industry not overburdened by regulations
Economy versus ecology

In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently signed a final rule on Metal Products and Machinery (MP&M) effluent limit guidelines...

Semicon Europa in Munich – a show in the middle of the steepest business recovery
Between highlights and revitalization

Once again, Semicon Europa is soon opening its doors on the Munich showground. Exhibition time will be April 1 to 3, and the programs run from March 31 to...

Apex taking place in Anaheim/California from March 29 to April 02
A fresh beginning at a known place

Anaheim in California's sunny Orange County, a 45-minute drive away from LA International Airport, will be the new home of Apex. This site east of downtown LA...


Dage has appointed Joachim Gudat as European sales manager to head sales teams at Dage’s UK headquarters and in Germany. Joachim joins the company from...


Palomar has appointed Venkat Shastri as VP of engineering. He will direct the research and development efforts in assembly systems for components. Dr. Shastri...


Universal has promoted Aaron Saxton to the position of business development manager of mid-range products (electronic assembly gear under euro 150,000). This...


Wolfgang Lentzen has been appointed the position of senior manager technical operations for Cookson Electronics Equipment Europe/Speedline Technologies. He...

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