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Integrated AOI and X-ray is cost-effective for high-mix/low-volume
The end of inspection trade-offs

The smaller, higher-density chip packages offer increased performance and reduce the size of the assembly, but introduce complications into quality assurance...

Automated inspection in manufacturing lines of sophisticated boards
Essential gear on the test floor

Automated inspection seems the most rapidly growing segment within quality assurance of board assemblies. Researchers expect the worldwide market for imaging...

Press-in of connectors

The semi-automated Harting CPM Prestige is a universal press-in machine for inserting connectors in high-volume and low-volume production environments...

Examination of assemblies

Viscom has introduced two further members of its family X8000 of X-ray inspection systems. The X8050 allows testing of boards between a length of 22 to 28-in...

Tuned 3D X-ray inspection

The Agilent 5DX series 5000 is the next-generation, automated 3D X-ray inspection system built on laminography technology. It provides BGA opens detection and...

Automated X-ray inspection in cell-phone manufacturing
The ability to see through

The Agilent 5DX series 3 breaks ground in X-ray throughput; this is the result of a benchmark having taken place with different GSM phone boards. Faster panel...

Large breakthrough for scan-based AOI technology expected
A perspective in bright colors

AOI systems can be used for the quality assurance of board assemblies after stencil printing to control the paste, or after placement to verify component...

Black & white versus color - when is AOI more powerful?
The bottom line of imaging

When it comes to optical inspection of components on substrate or PCB, does the use of color provide more details and better information on process results...

Software provides intelligent visual inspection guidance
Expertise for improved quality

Manual visual inspection systems can be found with-in many production sites. They are used for samples, to support the production set-up or for fail-ure...

Manual inspection provides value for process optimization
Flexible concept meets challenges

For the inspection of critical assembly areas, automated high-speed equipment is not always needed. Manually handled gear can also provide valuable help in...

The use and benefits of color-driven AOI for quality assurance
Highlighting defects with dye

Slowly, AOI equipment will get a central function as an inspection tool as well as for process improvements. Equipment supplier Omron has been listening to...

Measuring the board assembly process with 6-sigma approach
Inspection plays a key role

Board assemblers have invested heavily in technology to detect and repair manufacturing defects. Modern equipment can discover these failures earlier and...

Discussing the key driving factors for using AOI systems
Programming and ease are topical

AOI systems are indispensable in board assembly lines because of the extraordinary benefits to be gained in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness, if...

Automated off-axis X-ray inspection - an alternative strategy
Looking through the third way

Field-array device packages with higher pincount, smaller size and tighter placement tolerances are driving the density increase on SMT assemblies. ICs with...

Valuable experience from day-to-day work - no hot sales hype
User with clear view on inspection

EMS company ACT in France is now harvesting the benefits of its installed AOI equipment, but exploiting the potential requires a thorough understanding of what...

What does X-ray inspection of hidden BGA solder joints reveal?
More than counting black dots

Microfocus X-ray inspection has become a generally accepted method to control the quality of board assemblies, and to analyze defects of hidden solder joints...

Flexibility with stackloader

Datacon's stackloader STL2 fits into the modular die bonder concept and can be configured with the units 2200 apm, 2200 apm+ and EWR. It has the capability to...

Reducing cost of ownership in chip scale packaging/microBGAs
The search for the next best design

Silicone materials have a unique combination of properties which make them well suited to chip-scale packages (CSP). Their use can bring significant...

Soft-cushion grip tweezer

Plato's Softweezer line of soft-cushion grip tweezers has a light weight and an ergonomical design. The ESD and cleanroom safe tools are manufactured from...

Splicing stickers and tools

Creal offers splicing stickers in customized sizes for all component tapes width such as 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44 mm and other on request. Sticker length is...

Lead-free alloys

Balver Zinn now produces solders from five different lead-free alloys under the brand name Batiloy. With regard to upcoming European lead-free legislation for...

Light-guided assembly system

Blakell/Europlacer has introduced the LS6000 light-guided assembly station. Its projection system works in conjunction with standard and odd-form component...

Lead-free, VOC-reduced

Low VOC (volatile organic compound) and VOC-freewavesoldering fluxes need extra pre-heating to realize their optimum soldering perform-ance. The Vitronics...

Board handling

JOT introduces the Graphite series, an improved family of board handling modules. They are further standardized compared to predecessor solutions, which means...

Solder bath for tin coating

The WSB 150 solder bath from Weller is suited to tin coating and preparation of soldering components. It features a peak temperature of +550°C, and a maximum...

Automated PCB depanelling process provides massive benefits
Between labor cost and suitability

The issue of whether to automate the depanelling procedure or not is a question that every board assembler faces when determining how to optimize the...

Case study on partnership for dual-chamber printhead design
Deposition of additional volume

Flextronics' mixed-technology base-station assemblies required a print process that could be performed at high speed while consuming an unusually high volume...

Paste residues can cause severe problems in assembly lines
Cleaning with cleverness

Whether board assembly or printer stencil, soldering carrier or condensation trap, the cleanliness of each individual piece of equipment is important for the...

Success through repositioning - Harting sales growth beyond industry average
Supporting a responsible, values-oriented policy

Dietmar Harting, managing director of Harting/Germany, commented on the most successful financial year 2000/ 2001 in group history, "We have successfully...

Kester to regroup in Europe, not only with soldering materials
Focus on high-level consumables of all kinds

"We are running 13 facilities worldwide in total, one of them is our European headquarters, located near Munich since 1972." Newly appointed VP Europe of...

Will pure, thin glass film technology replace glass fabrics?
Direct-chip attach to glass now feasible

Isola, part of the Germany-based Ruetgers group and reportedly a world leader in PCB interconnect, is banking on strong growth in high-performance boards...

Assembleon and Cookson/Speedline forged alliance to combine mfg. expertise
Targeting higher efficiency and quality

Assembleon and Cookson Electronics (Speedline) recently joined forces to provide complete and integrated SMT line solutions. This strategic alliance aims to...

European Institute for Printed Circuits regroups and organizes activities
For broader representation of the industry

The European Institute for Printed Circuits, based in Maastricht/Netherlands, elec-ted their board of directors. Although the board wished him to continue in...

Mania and Barco joined forces and penetrate world market
Combined expertise of Europe-based specialists

After a disappointing 2001 which brought substantially lower sales volumes, consolidation to core activities, stringent cost cutting and a new management, all...

Panel about manufacturing outsourcing at Productronica
Worldwide business rests at a turning point

The stellar growth rates encountered over the last decade by the emboldened EMS industry are expected to go flat in the mid term - simply because there is not...

Peter Alliston

Orbotech has appointed Peter Alliston to the position of sales manager for UK and Ireland for its assembly business. Peter has year-long experience in capital...

Alfonso J. DaSilva

GSI Lumonics has appointed Alfonso J. DaSilva as VP of worldwide service and support. His responsibility is to provide timely worldwide support and service. He...

Kathleen P. Iverson

CyberOptics has named Kathleen (Kitty) P. Iverson to president and chief operating officer. Steven M. Quist, who previously held the office of president, will...

Kevin Conlon

Palomar, manufacturer of high-precision assembly systems for broadband communications, has promoted Kevin Conlon as president. Since joining Palomar in 1997...

Lars Nielsen

Continuing to enhance its European customer services, Asymtek has added Lars Nielsen as regional sales manager for the Nordic countries. Nielsen, who is based...

Productronica in Munich with high profile and good marks - but a visitor decline
Broad acceptance from participants side

In the face of the deep slump in electronics production in general, the previous Productronica in Munich/Germany still turned out to be a successful event...

Dr. Peter Barnwell

The International Microelectronics And Packaging Society (IMAPS) has elected Dr. Peter Barnwell as president of its executive council for 2002. Peter Barnwell...

John M. Casey

John M. Casey has been named president of Teradyne's Assembly Test Division, replacing Robert (Bob) Dutkowsky who unexpectedly left the company. Just some...

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